Giveaway Winners – April through May
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  • June 14, 2013
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Hello everyone.

I have giveaways that I have to announce. I’ve been pretty bad about these, especially considering that a few of them have already made their way to their destination.

However, there were winners. And here they are:
ARC 2013 Giveaway – 10 Books Total:  Emmalee #967
Steelpunkk – a Brandon Sanderson Giveaway: Anya #1660
April Mini Giveaway Set #1: Admin #716
Single copy of In the After: Tammy216 #1,306
Single Copy of Unnatural Creatures: Mars #1,533
Set #2: Bridget Howard #2500

Mayweek Giveaways
1. Smoke – S. CuAnam Policar #872
2. 3:59 – Crystal Fulcher #759
3. Royal Ranger – Ari #938
4. Crown of Midnight – Erin #767
5. The Chaos of Stars – Krista Raven #9
6. The Burning Sky – Becca #414
7. Rae Carson Trilogy – Carina Olsen #854
The Bitter Kingdom – Ellie #1827
8. Autographed Aprilynne Pike – Lisa Collins #224
Thanks to everyone who entered and congrats to the winners. I will be contacting all of you shortly.
On another note, I will be moving blog spaces here in the next few days. Thanks to everyone for making the last three years in (roughly) this Blog neighborhood so great. We’ve gone through three domains and a ton of posts… And I have read a lot of books. And you have all indulged me in my whims, in my silliness, and in my mania.
…and in my ellipses…
And I thank you for that. All of you.
I hope that you follow me to the new site location at It will be a better space and we will all be happier for it. It will be the same blog, but better. And prettier. And completely mine. And hopefully containing only a little Latin… but the tartan is staying. Because I like it.
Thanks for the three years here. Onto the next big thing.

Come visit! And remember to spread the word,  pass it on, and pay it forward.

– BP

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