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  • May 23, 2013
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Hey all.
I’m taking a temporary break from blogging about books to asking a music question. I need help acquiring music for a writing playlist. Any suggestions from you would be amazing.
Here’s what I am looking for:
– High energy dance tracks
– Techno/classic remixes or mashups (this works for classic rock songs too)
– Suggestions for where I can download such things. If a DJ has remixed something that is awesome and has it free on their website, or if it’s available on i-tunes or youtube or something, let me know.

What do I mean when I say HIGH ENERGY. Well, here’s an example.

Or this:
You get the idea. Music that gets me moving and into the groove. I used this for a writing project a few years ago and it was really successful. I want this tone for the new project.
Now that we understand that, when I say Techno/Classic mashups I mean something like this:
However, I would be happy with something like this as well:
You get the idea. I can use VNV Nation, but I already have them in the playlist. I need LIKE stuff. And I do have other things to offset it, mind. What I need is things to compliment the high tension moments that I am planning to write… things to make me unstoppable.
Suggestions about bands, songs, links to websites, videos, etc are all welcome.

Thanks, in advance, for the help!

(and here’s another LIKE THIS! kind of song for you)

Thanks again. You rock!
– BP





2013-06-03 09:10:00 Reply

Chasing Summers

Swedish House Mafia
GreyHound (Original Mix) [Virgin Uk]

Any of their other songs are good too. Hope you like these 😀