Mayweek Giveaway #1 – Smoke by Ellen Hopkins
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  • May 23, 2013
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First and foremost, thank you for coming back.
I don’t know if you realized it but I lost my .net domain this week due to a circumstances beyond my control. As such I have reverted to my original blogspot address until I decide if it’s worth it to get another. If you have bookmarked me in your favourites you may want to change that so that you can easily find me again. I promise I won’t be changing it any time soon.
So, now that that’s out of the way onto the giveaway! Which is why you have all come back… and why you may want to stick around.
I have a lot of duplicate books building up in my house. And I missed my blogging anniversary last month for giveaways (first week of April was three years). To that end I am starting something very cool today. Everyday, for the next week, I will host a new giveaway to cull the stacks. I’m going to try to post them between 11 am and noon (Eastern standard time).
To that end here is the first of the giveaways that I am calling my Mayweek giveaways.
– Mayweek Giveaway #1: Smoke by Ellen Hopkins

Smoke is the second in the Burned series. This book releases later this September. This is an advanced readers copy that has been given to me by the publisher – Simon & Schuster.
So, here’s how we are going to do this giveaway… and, of course, we are playing the number game. I am thinking of a number between 1 and 1000. To enter you have to leave your number guess in the comments with a valid email address (so I can later contact the winner). I am opening this contest up for multiple guesses but here’s how we are going to do that.
But first – The Rules
1. Your first guess is free, so guess away.
2. Your next guess(es) must be earned. To earn another guess simply post this contest to any social media site of your choice (Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Goodreads, Pinterest, Blogs, etc. etc.). If I can see it online you can post it there. However, to earn the next guess you must copy the link and paste it into the comments with your next numerical guess. I must be able to see that you posted it elsewhere for the guess to count.
3. As long as you are posting you get another guess. You can post once, twice, or 200 times as long as you come back and show me the link. It’s that easy to enter.
4. The first person to guess the entry correctly in the comments gets the book, even if two people guess the same number. So it behooves you to check the comment stream to make sure that your numeral guess is first. I only have one of this book to give away. So choose wisely.
5. This contest ends on June 6, 2013. If you post another entry to it after that your guess will not count. I will announce the winner shortly afterward.
6. Wherever you post this please include the term Mayweek (or Mayweek #whatever). Then I can easily find it online.
Finale:  And, yes readers, this contest is INTERNATIONALE.
So post, and post, and repost. You can tweet this 500 times for all I care, just post!
And keep checking back. There’s another week’s worth of books coming. And, while your at it, check my current giveaways for other goodies.

And please help me with my MUSIC PLAYLIST PROJECT. Any suggestions are welcome.

So, with that, Mayweek #1: Smoke launch!
– BP



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