The Perks of Being a Bookseller: Part 14
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  • April 15, 2013
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Well, it’s about that time folks. Time for this week’s go at The Perks of Being a Bookseller.
And, of course, there’s an Obicat in the shot to ham things up. He always shows up when I’m taking pictures.
This week I received my Simon and Schuster parcel for the summer. The envelope were final copies from Harpercollins. Thank you both! You can keep vying for my attention.And I’m going to let you.

Please continue.

Inside the S & S box – Manuscripts.
Most of this is S & S, but there were some other goodies amassed throughout the week. The Harpercollins pack yielded Kiera Cass finals, The Selection and The Elite. I’ve already read and loved both, but I do love me some finals. I also get to meet Kiera on the upcoming Dark Days tour (my store is hosting the May 10th event). So I am excited to have more books for her to sign.
I’m currently reading Rae Carson. I just finished The Crown of Embers before logging on to the computer, and I am excited to read The Bitter Kingdom. I loved The Girl of Fire and Thorns and I somehow let the sequel slip by unread. But this week I was in the mood for them both. And it perfectly suited my mood. I will be tearing through The Bitter Kingdom with a reckless abandon.
I also need to start my book group’s monthly read. This month we are reading Patrick Dennis’s classic Auntie Mame. I saw the older version of the movie ages ago, so long ago, in fact, that I don’t remember much of it. So I am looking forward to the read, and the revisit. I’m sure I’ll watch the film again afterwards.
I’ve been walking a lot since the weather cleared up. It’s worth mentioning here because I also read while walking. No, I don’t mean audio books (those are reserved for rainy day walks). I mean exactly what you are picturing – me, on a sidewalk, in running shoes, with a book open.
Why read while walking? Why not read while walking? I say.
It serves as a carrot to keep me going further. I actually walked about a mile further today than I otherwise would have because I had 20 pages left in my book and I wanted it done. I’m currently averaging about 20 miles a week, about 7 hours of moving while reading. It also amps up my calorie burn. You do burn calories reading, after all. I am currently burning about a thousand calories a day doing this. And I only have a couple of inches to take off my waist to fit into my wedding dress. That’s the second carrot.. my wedding dress.
Yes, gentle readers. I have become this girl.
However, if it hurts no one then it’s okay in my book. Though, I will admit, my legs are killing me. I did 4.9 miles today, which is the furthest I have ever gone. And I took the hilly route. So yeah, I’m feeling it.
But I’m getting books read. So there. Multi-tasking for the win.

That’s it for this week. Also, because there were many, here are the outtakes from the box photo shoot.
With cats.
… peek…
What are you most excited about reading?
– BP

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PERKS 14 – April 8 through April 15

  1. Letting Ana Go – Anonymous. Advanced Reader Copy.
  2. The Paris Architect – Charles Belfoure. Advanced Reader Copy.
  3. Thin Space – Jody Casella. Advanced Reader Copy.
  4. The Selection – Kiera Cass. Final Quality paperback.
  5. The Elite – Kiera Cass. Final hardcover.
  6. Ghost Hawk – Susan Cooper. Manuscript.
  7. Meet Me at the River – Nina de Groat. Advanced Reader Copy.
  8. Fault Line – C. Desir. Advanced Reader Copy.
  9. The Sound of Your Voice… Only Really Far Away – Frances O’Roark Dowell. Advanced Reader Copy.
  10. The Lord of Opium – Nancy Farmer. Advanced Reader Copy.
  11. Life’s a Witch – Brittany Geragotelis. Advanced Reader Copy.
  12. Stormbringers – Philippa Gregory. Advanced Reader Copy.
  13. Full-Ride – Margaret Peterson Haddix. Advanced Reader Copy.
  14. Fire with Fire – Jenny Han. Advanced Reader Copy.
  15. Smoke – Ellen Hopkins. Advanced Reader Copy.
  16. Wool – Hugh Howey. Final Hardcover.
  17. Darkbeast Rebellion – Morgan Keyes. Advanced Reader Copy.
  18. Afterglow – Karsten Knight. Advanced Reader Copy.
  19. Shades of Milk and Honey – Mary Robinette Kowal. Final Quality Paperback.
  20. Overpowered – Mark H. Kruger. Advanced Reader Copy.
  21. Anywhere But Here – Tanya Lloyd Kyi. Advanced Reader Copy.
  22. The Cavendish Home for Boys and Girls – Claire LeGrand. Final Hardcover.
  23. A Stranger Thing – Martin Leicht and Isla Neal. Advanced Reader Copy.
  24. Quintana of Charyn – Melina Marchetta. Advanced Reader Copy.
  25. The Vow – Jessica Martinez. Advanced Reader Copy.
  26. Reconstructing Amelia – Kimberly McCreight. Advanced Reader Copy.
  27. Maid of Secrets – Jennifer McGowan. Advanced Reader Copy.
  28. Binny for Short – Hilary McKay. Advanced Reader Copy.
  29. Bang – Lisa McMann. Advanced Reader Copy.
  30. The Unwanteds: Island of Fire – Lisa McMann. Advanced Reader Copy.
  31. Keeper of the Lost Cities: Exile – Shannon Messenger. Advanced Reader Copy.
  32. The Bookstore – Deborah Meyler. Advanced Reader Copy.
  33. Eternity – Elizabeth Miles. Advanced Reader Copy.
  34. The Book of Broken Hearts – Sarah Ockler. Advanced Reader Copy.
  35. Just Like Fate – Cat Patrick and Suzanne Young. Advanced Reader Copy.
  36. Dead City: Blue Moon – James Ponti. Advanced Reader Copy.
  37. The River of No Return – Bee Ridgway. Final hardcover.
  38. Rooftoppers – Katherine Rundell. Advanced Reader Copy.
  39. SPHDZ 4 Life! – Jon Scieszka. Advanced Reader Copy.
  40. Takedown – Allison van Diepen. Advanced Reader Copy.
  41. Friday Never Leaving – Vikki Wakefield. Advanced Reader Copy. Advanced Reader Copy.
  42. The Dark Light – Sara Walsh. Final Hardcover.
  43. Sunday You Learn How to Box – Bil Wright. Advanced Reader Copy.

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