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  • March 31, 2013
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I’ve been looking forward to Invisibility for some time. I loved Andrea Cremer’s Nightshade books and while I have not read David Levithan I admire the impact that he seems to have on people. I have nothing for respect for the both of them. That said I was not a fan of this book. Strike that, I was not a fan of the latter two-thirds of this book. There was a disconnect for me and I couldn’t get back into it afterwards.

Stephen is invisible. He has been since his birth. For many years he lived in an apartment in New York with his Mother. His Father, unable to deal, left them but continued to support him. After his Mother’s death Stephen is isolated with his Father’s money as his only company. One day a young woman, Elizabeth, moves into the building and that is when his world turns upside-down. Inexplicably, Elizabeth can see him. No one else can see him but she does. And she can touch him. And, eventually, she can kiss him. And through all of this he is still reeling – why is she the only one who can see him? What makes her so special, so different?

The first third of this book is exquisite. Wonderful, and startling. And then it is not. And it was very disappointing.

The beginning of this book reads like Magic Realism. It’s poignant and wonderful and asks all sorts of existential questions. The build up of a relationship between these two tentatively bringing themselves together is amazing. It’s all of the toe curling moments that you want out of a Romance novel. I was so charmed. But the latter bit feels like another book entirely and I’m not sure if that can be blamed on the fact that there are two authors or something else entirely. The book abandons the previous lovely tone for an expected, cliched paranormal plot line that did nothing for me. One minute I was reading this quirky, offbeat romance that I was expecting to end badly (or end well after going melodramatic for a time). The next I was reading every trite sentiment and unoriginal storyline that Cremer and Levithan could throw into this. It was disappointing, to say the least. I felt my heart sinking the further I went into this. I wanted the first part of the book to come back and it never did. It just kept evolving into something else, something that was no longer a pleasure to read.

The worse part – it’s not over. Not by a long shot. Nothing was resolved and there is no ending in sight. And that is not what I wanted for this book. Not even close.

2.5 stars.

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