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  • March 15, 2013
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I’m in the midst of finishing Michael Grant’s Gone series and I needed something lighter to cut it with. The choice fell to Crash by Nicole Williams, which I am not impressed with. It was definitely a Crash-and-burn book.

Lucy is a woman whose parents used to be better off. Now she lives in a single household income and everything is tighter than it once was. She insisted to maintain her dance lessons, citing this as her stress release. One day on the beach Lucy meets Jude, a super hot bad boy. Though she is initially wary she finds herself drawn to him, despite his warning that she stay as far away as she can.

It’s a little all over the place, to be honest. I get that this book was a massive best seller. It was self published before Harpercollins picked it up, and that usually adds to sales (Especially when the price is very cheap). However, it feels self published. There are numerous grammar errors within the text. I found myself rereading lines to try to glean the meaning. I couldn’t quite get what Williams was trying to say. It seems that if Harpercollins picked this up they would have done some clean-up editing to make this book as polished as they could have. It would have made a lot more sense if they had.

Another problem I had is the characterization. At first I was a fan of Lucy’s spunk. However, Lucy sees boy, decides she likes him, is turned off by his personality but decides to manipulate him to get him anyways (because he’s so handsome). Not a great start. I feel like she sets back the Feminist movement in the first 20 pages of the book. But something about her made me keep reading. In the case of Jude – Jude is a piece of wood. I felt no depth with him even when Williams was trying to add depth. It just failed. There was nothing interesting about him that made me believe Lucy’s compassion for him other than he was so handsome and had beautiful grey eyes. Okay. He’s handsome, but… what else is there? The only reason I read Romances is to revel in character development and without that there’s nothing left for me to hold my heart on.

Williams also lost me with her own narrative weaknesses. She doesn’t know how to write enough tension to make this work. I wanted more electricity between these two characters – more want and need. The chemistry between them was unbelievable and flawed. Jude didn’t smolder in Lucy’s direction. He leered. And glared. And it wasn’t subtle, and it wasn’t sweet or sexy. And I didn’t like it at all. It was just wrong.

And I won’t be reading the sequels. Absolutely not.

1 out of 5 stars.

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