The Perks of Being a Bookseller: Part 9
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  • February 28, 2013
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Yes, I know I’m three days late for this week’s edition of The Perks of Being a Bookseller, but I have a very good reason to be. I won’t be able to do the scheduled post next Monday and will instead do it the following week. I figured it would be easier to to it now, give an even time period between both posts.
So, to that end, here’s what I received this week.

Miscellaneous ARCs from work and Winterblaze, which I bought, as I am intending on reading the series soon.
Yes, there are duplicates. Expect a giveaway.

More swag… The 5th Wave ARCs have my blurb in it… so these are for friends and loved ones who want them… like my mother, who doesn’t read Science Fiction (but wants a copy because my name is in it).
This blurb…See!
 That never stops happening, even as one grows up, I’ve found.
Manuscripts. Yep.
Penguin sent a sweet promotional mailbag for The 5th Wave. It has stuff in it.

Name tag featuring Cassie Sullivan’s name, the main character from the book.

Said stuff in said bag. Contents include one can of sardines, one mini survival pack (including emergency blankets, fish hooks, safety pins, compass… the works), one distressed teddy bear with Cassie’s brother’s name on it, and one hollowed out journal with a thumb drive in it. The thumb drive has the first few chapters of the book on it.
Nifty. Ten times over. Thanks Penguin.
So yes, that’s the swag for the week. I’m curious to see what will come next week, since the goodies keep getting better and better.
And I’m off to read more. Have a good week, all!
– BP
Perks week 9
  1. Born of Illusion – Teri Brown. Advanced reader’s Copy. Duplicate.
  2. Winterblaze – Kristen Callihan. Final mass market paperback. Bought.
  3. You Look Different in Real Life – Jennifer Castle. Advanced reader’s Copy.
  4. Rutherford Park – Elizabeth Cooke. Advanced reader’s Copy.
  5. Towering – Alex Flinn. Advanced reader’s Copy.
  6. Twerp – Mark Goldblatt. Advanced reader’s Copy.
  7. The Lost Sun – Tessa Gratton. Advanced reader’s Copy. 2 copies.
  8. Elegy – Tara Hudson. Advanced reader’s Copy. Duplicate.
  9. The Shambling Guide to New York City – Mur Lafferty.  Advanced reader’s Copy.
  10. Scorched – Mari Mancusi. Manuscript sent from the publisher.
  11. Far Far Away – Tom McNeal. Advanced reader’s Copy.
  12. A Trick of the Light – Lois Metzger. Advanced reader’s Copy. Duplicate.
  13. Defy the Dark – Edited by Saundra Mitchell. Advanced reader’s Copy. Duplicate.
  14. The Beautiful and the Cursed – Page Morgan. Advanced reader’s Copy. 2 copies.
  15. The Paradox of Vertical Flight – Emil Ostrovski. Manuscript.
  16. Odessa Again – Dana Reinhardt. Advanced reader’s Copy.
  17. Severed Heads, Broken Hearts – Robyn Schneider. Advanced reader’s Copy. Duplicate.
  18. Rush – Eve Silver. Advanced reader’s Copy. Duplicate.
  19. The Golem and the Jinni – Helene Wecker. Advanced reader’s Copy.
  20. Fragments – Dan Wells. Final Hardcover.
  21. The Thousand Names – Django Wexler. Advanced reader’s Copy.
  22. The 5th Wave – Rick Yancey. Advanced reader’s Copy. Duplicate. 2 copies.

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