The Perks of Being a Bookseller: Part 8
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  • February 18, 2013
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It was a very exciting week for me personally, though I didn’t get a lot of books.
*blink blink*
Not a lot of books, for me, is apparently this.

The whole shebang from this past week. ARCs abound.

A Manuscript of The Burning Sky by Sherry Thomas and an Art book from the Detroit Institute of Arts – Forging a Modern Identity: Masters of American Painting Born After 1847.
The Art book was a gift.
After I was proposed to by the Beekeeper.
Therefore I will probably be reading it this year.
Around planning a wedding.
(Cue panic attack)
The remaining pile up close. I’m geeked to have gotten a copy of Neptune’s Tears. I’ve been excited about it since it came out in Britain last year.
Does that count for my International challenge? At least unofficially? Because I have to GET ON THAT.
Everything’s so underwater Mythy this week. Neptune, Triton… Neptune again.
I am currently reading The Devil in the White City by Erik Larson, which I’ll finish up shortly (under a 100 pages left). AND something secret and nifty, which I can’t talk about yet. But it’s making me very happy. And I LOVE it. I’m hoping to get a copy of The Golem and the Jinni by Helene Wecker today or tomorrow from my Harpercollins rep. It’s supposed to be fantastic and it might fill the Devil White City hole in my life nicely. That MS of The Burning Sky is looking awfully shiny too…
So, there’s that.
And with that this week’s edition of Perks has come to an end. See you next week!
(…and yes, you read that right. I’m officially engaged. *flails*)
Perks Part 8: Week Feb. 11 – 18
  1. Of Triton – Anna Banks. Advanced Reader’s Copy.
  2. What Tears Us Apart – Deborah Cloyed. Advanced Reader’s Copy.
  3. W.A.R.P. : The Reluctant Assassin – Eoin Colfer. Advanced Reader’s Copy.
  4. The Neptune Project – Polly Holyoke. Advanced Reader’s Copy.
  5. The Skull in the Nightingale – Michael Irwin. Advanced Reader’s Copy.
  6. Charm & Strange – Stephanie Kuehn. Advanced Reader’s Copy.
  7. Love Minus Eighty – Will McIntosh. Advanced Reader’s Copy.
  8. This is What Happy Looks Like – Jennifer E. Smith. Advanced Reader’s Copy.
  9. The Burning Sky – Sherry Thomas. Advanced Reader’s Copy.
  10. Forging a Modern Identity – Edited by James W. Tottis. Final Paperback edition.
  11. Neptune’s Tears – Susan Waggoner. Advanced Reader’s Copy.
Also, because I went this week and I’m super inspired, here’s my new favourite piece in the DIA.

– The Young Girl by Robert Henri –
The colours are gorgeous and the skintones are really green in life. This drew me from across the gallery (He also did the painting on the cover on Forging a Modern Identity).
Madame Paul Poirson by John Singer Sargent –
One of my existing favourites from the DIA. Also, the painting that I was affianced in front of.
– BP

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