The Perks of Being a Book Seller: Part 1
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I have had numerous emails and questions over the years to start an “In My Mailbox” style post for the blog. In the past I have decided not to do this on a regular basis. It seems like bragging considering I work in the book industry and, as a result, I get access to many books for free through the publishers or way ahead of time.
 However, persistence pays off, gentle readers. I give in.
And that means that you get your book porn. *smiles*
There’s a lesson to be had with constancy. I have these connections from persistence because I stay in contact with the publishers. At some point, if you prove yourself to the pubs with your blog, you could be getting as many books as I do.
Starting now, and every week in the year of 2013, I will catalogue the incoming books that I acquire either by purchasing or by other means. This project has a two-part cause behind it and I am hoping to generate this effect:

1). To catalogue books and reveal to the readers who are curious what has been coming into my home. As a bookseller, the pile is legion and my time only so much. I want to use this feature as a means to show you what I will be reading in the upcoming months along with any future contests I might be having. I get A LOT of duplicates, and these are what I generate many of my giveaways from. You will be able to see, first hand, what will be coming up in the roster as far as both are concerned.

The possibilities with giveaways are endless.

2). I buy a lot of books. Again, I stress A LOT. I need to break the compulsion that I have to keep doing this. So this feature, in part, is to give myself a much needed slap-on-the-hand reminder that I don’t need to buy everything I want just because my impulse to do so tells me to. Now, there are some authors whose series are autobuy for me. There’s no way I am not buying the new book by Nicole Peeler or Jennifer Estep or Jeri Smith-Ready (who doesn’t actually have a book coming out this year, bugger). But you get the point, it will happen occasionally. However, this is the secondary goal – If I buy it in 2013 I have to read it this year. This is the agreement I have made with myself and hopefully it will cut down on the hoarding and up the actual reading.

I’m going to have a hard time meeting this part of a goal even though I know it sounds deceptively simple in concept. The used book section I work in is a true Siren of the Seven Seas… I tend to buckle when beautiful new first edition hardcovers come in cheap… or Newbery winners… or Omnibuses (Omnibai?)… or British editions of books I love. So, yeah, it’s going to be a harder goal to keep than it sounds.

However, week to week this feature will stay strong. I have every confidence in that. I’ll probably chat about experiences working in the store as well.
(Please don’t hate me because I get every book that you want many months in advance. I always have, now you’re just seeing the truth.)
 To launch this feature I kept track of everything that came into my house in the month of December 2012 (both in pictures and list format). Mind, it was Christmas, and everyone knows I love books, hence the final copies of many goodies. Anything I have in the list that is a final was either something I bought or something that was boughted for me.
(yes, boughted is a real word. πŸ˜‰
… and there’s a few Christmas presents for the live-in Beekeeper boyfriend in the mix. Just for flare. It all goes onto my bookshelves, after all. It’s a shame he mostly reads Non-Fiction and not more YA.
Also, two of the seven publishers I get catalogues from came in, which means I have five more to go. I really do not kid when I frequently say that I get EVERYTHING (not that I keep EVERYTHING, mind).
And now, without further adieu, the first edition of The Perks of Being a Bookseller.
– Pub and purchasing haul the first few weeks of December –
– Simon and Schuster Summer 2013 Pub Box –

– Contents from S & S Summer 2013 Pub Box –
– S & S –
– Two… two boxes from Harpercollins Summer 2013 Kids Line… *ah ah ah* –
(that was my bad impersonation of the Count from Sesame Street)
– Contents from Harpercollins Summer 2013 Kids Line –
… baller…
– Christmas and last week of December haul –
Also, here’s the detailed list of everything that is in these pictures.
2012 December Perks
1. Under the Moon of Mars – Edited by John Joseph Adams. ARC format.
2. The Laura Line – Crystal Allen. ARC format.
3. Sidekicked – John David Anderson. ARC format.
4. Goddess – Jospehine Angelini. ARC format.
5. Cinderella Smith: The Super Secret Mystery – Stephanie Barden. ARC format.
6. The Teleportation Accident – Ned Beauman. ARC format.
7. Doll Bones – Holly Black. ARC format.
8. Undercurrent – Paul Blackwell. ARC format.
9. Girl of Nightmares – Kendare Blake. Final hardcover format.
10. The Daylight War – Peter V. Brett. ARC format.
11. Born of Illusion – Teri Brown. ARC format.
12. Winterveil – Jenna Burtenshaw. ARC format.
13. Undertown – Melvin Jules Bukiet. ARC format.
14. Pulse – Patrick Carman. ARC format. Duplicate.
15. The Lightning Catcher – Anne Cameron. ARC format.
16.The Red Knight – Miles Cameron. ARC format.
17. The Goddess Inheritance – Aimee Carter. ARC format.
18. The Crown of Embers – Rae Carson. Final hardcover format.
19. This strange and Familiar Place – Rachel Carter. ARC format.
20. The Elite – Kiera Cass. ARC format.
21. The Death of Bunny Monroe – Nick Cave. Final hardcover format.
22. The School For Good and Evil – Soman Chainani. ARC format.
23. Enshadowed – Kelly Creagh. Final hardcover format.
24. City of Bones Graphic Novel – Cassandra Clare. ARC format.
25. PrettyGirl-13 – Liz Coley. ARC format. Duplicate.
26. House of Secrets – Chris Columbus and Ned Vizzini. ARC format.
27. Elijah of Buxton – Christopher Paul Curtis. Final hardcover format.
28. Fifteenth Summer – Michelle Dalton. ARC format.
29. Indigo Awakening – Jordan Dane. Final quality paperback format.
30. Night School – C.J. Daugherty. ARC format.
31. Angel of Darkness – Charles de Lint. Final quality paperback format.
32. A Darkness Strange and Lovely – Susan Dennard. ARC format.
33. Scary School: The Northern Frights – Derek the Ghost. ARC format.
34. The Clockwork Universe – Edward Dolnick. Final hardcover format.
35 & 36. Beautiful Redemption – Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl. Final UK quality paperback and Final US hardcover format.
37. The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes – Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Final quality paperback format.
38. Panic – Sharon Draper. ARC format.
39. True – Hilary Duff. ARC format.
40. The Dark Shore – Kevin Emerson. ARC format.
41. Starbounders – Adam Jay Epstein and Andrew Jacobson. ARC format.
42. Crimson Frost – Jennifer Estep. Final quality paperback format.
43. Shadow Marked – Anna J. Evans. Final quality paperback format.
44. Shadow of the Mark – Leigh Fallon. ARC format.
45. Finale – Becca Fitzpatrick. Final hardcover format.
46. Falcon in the Glass – Susan Fletcher. ARC format.
47. Towering – Alex Flinn. ARC format.
48. City of Dark Magic – Magnus Flyte. Final quality paperback format.
49. How to Read Literature Like a Professor for Kids – Thomas C. Foster. ARC format.
50. The Silver Dreams- Neil Gaiman and Michael and Mallory Reaves. ARC format.
51. Life’s a Witch – Brittany Geragotelis. Manuscript format.
52. The Lucky Ones – Anna Godbersen. ARC format.
53. Once Upon a Crime – Edited by Ed Gorman and  Martin H. Greenburg. Final hardcover format.
54. The Blood Keeper – Tessa Gratton. Final hardcover format.
55. The Fault in Our Stars – John Green. Final hardcover format.
56. Chantress – Amy Butler Greenfield. ARC format.
57. My Weird Writing Tips – Dan Gutman. ARC format.
58. A Mischief of Mermaids – Suzanne Harper. ARC format.
59. Handbook for Dragon Slayers – Merrie Haskell. ARC format.
60. The Princess Curse – Merrie Haskell. Final hardcover format.
61. The Hero’s Guide to Storming the Castle – Christopher Healy. ARC format.
62. The Evolution of Mara Dyer – Michelle Hodkin. Final hardcover format.
63. Linked – Imogene Howson. ARC format.
64. Elegy – Tara Hudson. ARC format.
65. Invisible Inkling: The Whoopie Pie War – Emily Jenkins. ARC format.
66. Death and the Girl Next Door – Darynda Jones. Final quality paperback format.
67. Dr. Tatiana’s Sex Advice to All Creation – Olivia Judson. Final quality paperback format. (Xmas present for the Beekeeper)
68. The Thing About Luck – Cynthia Kadohata. ARC format.
69. The Wig in the Window – Kristen Kittscher. ARC format.
70. Fade to Black – Francis Knight. ARC format.
71. Alex Ko: From Iowa to Broadway My Billy Elliot Story – Alex Ko. ARC format.
72. Platypus Police Squad: The Frog Who Croaked – Jarrett J. Krosoczka. ARC format.
73. Magic or Madness – Justine Larbalestier. Final quality paperback format.
74. Elvis and the Underdogs – Jenny Lee. ARC format.
75. Rules – Cynthia Lord. Final hardcover format.
76. In the After – Demetra Lunetta. ARC format.
77. The Truth of Me – Patricia MacLachlan. ARC format.
78. September Girls – Bennett Madison. ARC format.
79. Coveted – Shawtelle Madison. Final mass market paperback.
80. The End Games – T. Michael Martin. ARC format.
81. Walking Disaster – Jamie McGuire. ARC format.
82. Arclight – Josin L. McQuien. ARC format.
83. A Trick of the Light – Lois Metzger. ARC format.
84. Parallel – Lauren Miller. ARC format.
85. Defy the Dark – Edited by Saundra Mitchell. ARC format.
86. Shadows in the Silence – Courtney Allison Moulton. ARC format. Duplicate.
87. Darius and Twig – Walter Dean Myers. ARC format.
88. Herbert’s Wormhole: Aerostar and the 3 1/2 Point plan of Vengeance – Peter Nelson and Rohitash Rao. ARC format.
89. A Box of Gargoyles – Anne Nesbet. ARC format.
90. Unbreakable – Elizabeth Norris. ARC format.
91. Starglass – Phoebe North. ARC format.
92. Thorn Abbey – Nancy Ohlin. ARC format.
93. The Rook – Daniel O’Malley. Final quality paperback format.
94. Life After Theft – Aprilynne Pike. ARC format.
95. If I Should Die – Amy Plum. ARC format.
96. Summerkin – Sarah Prineas. ARC format.
97. Close Range – Annie Proulx. Final hardcover format. (Xmas present for the Beekeeper)
98. Another Little Piece – Kate Karyus Quinn. ARC format.
99. Over You – Amy Reed. ARC format.
100. Belle Epoque – Elizabeth Ross. ARC format.
101. Sex at Dawn – Christopher Ryan and Cacilda Jetha. Final quality paperback format. (Xmas present for the Beekeeper)
102. Becoming Naomi Leon – Pam Munoz Ryan. Final hardcover format.
103. Touching the Surface – Kimberly Sabatini. Final hardcover format.
104. Fyre – Angie Sage. ARC format.
105. Severed Heads, Broken Hearts – Robyn Schneider. ARC format.
106. The Archived – Victoria Schwab. ARC format.
107. Who Done It? – Jon Scieszka. ARC format.
108. The Star Shards Chronicles – Neal Shusterman. ARC format.
109. Rush – Eve Silver. ARC format.
110. Major Pettigrew’s Last Stand – Helen Simonson. Final quality paperback format.
111. The Boyfriend App – Katie Sise. ARC format.
112. The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks – Rebecca Skloot. Final hardcover format. (Xmas present for the Beekeeper
113. Winger – Andrew Smith. ARC format.
114. Wild Awake – Hilary T. Smith. ARC format.
115. The Uprising – Lisa M. Stasse. ARC format.
116. When You Reach Me – Rebecca Stead. Final hardcover format.
117. How Zoe Made Her Dreams (mostly) Come True – Sarah Strohmeyer. ARC format.
118. Luminosity – Stephanie Thomas. Final quality paperback format.
119. The Girl From Felony Bay – J.E. Thompson. ARC format.
120. Reboot – Amy Tintera. ARC format.
121. The Link – Colin Tudge. Final hardcover format. (Xmas present for the Beekeeper)
122. Breadcrumbs – Anne Ursu. Final hardcover format.
123. The Fate of Mercy Alban – Wendy Webb. ARC format.
124. Fragments – Dan Wells. ARC format.
125. Gravity – Melissa West. Final quality paperback format.
126. All My Noble Dreams and Then What Happens – Gloria Whelan. ARC format.
127. Transparent – Natalie Whipple. ARC format.
128. Paranormalcy – Kiersten White. Final hardcover format.
129. The Impossibility of Tomorrow – Avery Williams. ARC format.
130. P.S. Be Eleven – Rita Williams-Garcia. ARC format.
131. In the Shadow of Blackbirds – Cat Winters. ARC format.
132. The Fifth Wave – Rick Yancey. Manuscript format.
O _ O
WOW. In one month’s time I got the entire amount of books I read in 2012. Sigh.
* headdesk*
What do you think, folks. Anything that you are excited about? Suggest something for giveaways. I’m all ears.
– BP


The Lovely Getaway

2013-01-08 02:53:41 Reply

Krys! So happy to see you caved πŸ˜‰ *insert evil laugh*

Holy WOW! You are a busy reading schedule ahead of you. Question, do you attend any of the national bookish events (like Book Expo America)? I would love to meet you in person one day! Either way, so excited to see your future PBBS posts πŸ˜€



2013-01-08 03:59:19 Reply

Diana, yes… I caved. Too many od certain people’s emails and harrassments, my friend. πŸ™‚

I would love to go to BEA, but I fear it won’t happen. Too many issues with money in my life, and no sponsorship. I thought about setting up a paypal thing OR a kickstarter to send me, but I don’t know if it’s worth it. Not sure who would contribute to such a thing.