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  • January 31, 2013
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Dead Silence is the fourth book in the ongoing Harpercollins series, The Body Finder, by Kimberly Derting. I say ongoing because at this point I do not believe that Derting will be finishing the series at book four. Two days ago I would have thought differently, but now having finished this I believe that she has more to tell. I think that this has been opened up for at least another book, if not two.

We’ll see.

* Spoilers for those who have not read the first three books in the series *

Violet is trying to rebuild her life since her kidnapping. Now that she killed her captor she has to live with his imprint every day. She only wants normalcy, but it is even harder than before now that the members of her psychic team show up in her school. When she encounters Grady, a man who previously tried to force himself on her, things get even stranger, especially now that a series of murders may be attributed to him.
I was not as big of a fan of The Last Echo, the third book in the series. It was a disappointment to an otherwise enjoyable series. However, this book has redeemed my love for them and just in time (particularly if there is going to be more) (please tell me there is more!). The beginning is a bit wonky as there is a lot of recovery time from book three. However, the ending is solid and drew me back into this world with a vengeance.
I still love Violet. I still love Jay and Chelsea and all of the others who are joining the fray. Rafe is worming his way into my heart even as we speak (I never thought I would say that after The Last Echo). The thing I would have liked from this book is a little more depth with Violet concerning the kidnapping in the previous book. I see that she had issues with having the imprint but they seemed more liked practical issues more than emotional ones. It seemed more like an inconvenience than anything else. I guess I would have expected more angst considering the gravitas of such a situation – the PTSD alone would have been intolerable to most people. However, Violet rolled over as if it were nothing. Maybe this was a strategic character thing on Derting’s part but I felt that it lacked something for the whole book on that score. Violet went through something very troubling in book three and it seemed like much of her dealing with it went into the final pages of The Last Echo rather than into this episode. Otherwise she just seemed annoyed by the imprint, which was not the reaction I would expect from someone dealing with their guilt over a murder.
There was a great Manson family-esque moment with the killers in this book. Seriously, I was creeped out. Derting’s psychopaths are always top notch.
But, like I said, it redeemed itself. Which means, of course, that I now want book five. And I hope that Derting will deliver one in the next year. Because, if it’s ends with this book it is incomplete in my eyes.
Just saying.
4 out of 5 stars.
– BP

* Dead Silence releases April 16, 2013.

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