Review – Beautiful Chaos Redux
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  • January 22, 2013
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Well, I’m going to say it now. I think that Beautiful Chaos is my favourite book in the Caster series. I wouldn’t have said that a year ago, but this time on the reread back to back to the others… yeah, it’s my fave. And I would have thought it was Creatures. Nope, this book. 
And why is it the favourite, pray tell? Well, it’s the best story and the best writing of the three. True, if you haven’t read the others you would need a lot of researched back story to get by… but it’s still the best.
* Spoilers if you have not read Beautiful Creatures or Beautiful Darkness *

Nothing has been the same since Lena has claimed herself. Ethan is off in so many ways. His tastebuds are messed up and his dreams are haunted by darkness. He suspects that someone is shadowing his every step. Lena has returned to herself and Ethan couldn’t be happier, but a darkness looms over Gatlin. There are signs of the end of days – a sweltering heat wave, giant lubber grasshoppers eating all of the vegetation, random storms and bad attitudes. Gatlin is in chaos and the Casters must eliminate the threat.
This is a really interesting book for the characters, particularly Ethan. So much has happened by now to Lena and the Casters that it’s about time Garcia and Stohl focus on him and what this might be doing to him. Ethan has been our narrator throughout this entire journey. He has experienced just as much as everyone else. It’s good to see him suffering from a little PTSD, considering the crises. It makes sense that after three books he would be broken. 
I also appreciate Ridley and Link’s story in this book. It’s a very interesting dynamic that the authors have thrown them both into, fighting against their natures. It really makes them both… human… if such a thing were possible given the circumstances?
Last year I spoke of the similarities to this book and other classics. I’m going to repeat what I said then, because I cannot put it any better than this a year+ later: 
“I always appreciate the parallels between classic books that Garcia and Stohl imply. With book one it reminded me of Tennessee Williams and Harper Lee. Harper Lee is still prevalent (in fact quoted) in this book… but this one draws heavily upon Of Mice and Men and The Crucible… two great stories… two great parallels. Two great epics that predicate this idea perfectly.”
Right, and with that I’m off to start Beautiful Redemption.
5 out of 5 glowing Caster stars.
– BP

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