Secret Project Part Two
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  • December 30, 2012
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Awww… mauling… sadface.

If you read this post last year you will know what this picture means. And if you read this post last month you will be very excited for me.

Ladies, Gentlemen, non-Gendered folk… it has been done. Again.

I have written another novel.

I started on November 28th and I finished the epilogue today. Only a few hours ago, as a matter of fact.
93,000 words in 33 days, pre-edits, pre-second-drafts, pre-cleaning-up-the-last-4-chapters.
93,000 words. And it’s done.

It’s a standalone and, once again, it’s a fairy tale. And it is NOT a sequel to last year’s MS. Care to take a guess? At either one?

The reason why I share this with all of you is not merely to boast (although I am allowing myself a virtual and physical pat on the back) it’s to inspire. Thus far I have only ever completed two novels to total completion and they were last year’s older manuscript and this year’s new manuscript. By total completion I mean to the point where I type “The End” after the finale of the book, and something I can work with again and again during edits.

I learned a vital lesson this year – just because you type THE END as the last two words doesn’t mean the draft is finished. Far from it. If anything I am more tired than elated finishing this year’s MS because I know that means I have a lot of work ahead of me.

This year I rushed through the last two thirds of the book. I have had a problem with my hands the last two weeks. They have been aching and sore. The Beekeeper seems to think that I am starting to experience the beginnings of arthritis, or tendinitis. I’m 34, so I refuse to believe this. I’m chalking it up to mass shelving at work and writing a 93,000 word novel (in 33 days).

When asked why I didn’t participate in Nanowrimo this year and this is the reason – I never do Nanowrimo in November because December is the crazy period for me. December is when I need to escape, not November. I also don’t read as much as a general rule because work is so crazy. I tend to drink a lot and play violent video games to deal with the stress of holiday retail. Slipping it behind the deadline by one month is enough for me. I know I hit the mark. I know I’ve done it twice now by almost twice the numbers (considering both drafts span 200,000 words I am calling it good). It’s more of a personal project for me than anything else.

And on the subject of publishing, because I know a few of you are going to ask… the answer is NO, I don’t have any plans to publish either MS just yet. I’m still working with MS one and MS two will take a long time to whip it into shape before I start submitting it. I’m only now getting to the point with MS one where I can start thinking about doing this, but it’s still a long way off before I submit it. Mostly, I am writing these novels for me and no one else, because they entertain me and make me happy. Anyone else reading them is tertiary, although not impossible. Weirder things have happened.

So, I wrote a novel in the month of December. I also worked a full time job (holiday book retail FTW!). I also saw 6 movies in the theatre since the week I started, watched numerous films with friends and loved ones, assembled several jigsaw puzzles (while watching said movies), cooked lots of meals, cleaned lots of clothing, had lots of dinner dates with friends and family, laughed, smiled, and cried a lot.
In short, I wrote a novel and still HAD A LIFE!

(Although the beekeeper did most of the dishes. Thanks, Beekeeper. You are loved for many reasons more than that.)

The one thing that I didn’t do much of this month… read books. I am ready to return to that, with a vengeance.

It can be done, folks. I am living proof. And if you don’t believe me, here’s the actual breakdown of how I spent my writing days… in list format… because I kept one and I’m showing it off. Dammit.

And yes, I counted the entirety of Tuesdays on both end of the first week, so it looks like it’s eight days.

Shoot me.

– BP

Day one (11/28/12) – 2063 (Prologue)
Day two (11/29/12) – 3244 (Chapter one)
         3507 (Chapter two)
         2328 (Chapter three)
Day three (11/30/12) – 1599 (Chapter 4, half of it)
Day four (12/1/12) – 0
Day five (12/2/12) – 1551 (Chapter 4, latter half)
Day six (12/3/12) – 3654 (Chapter 5)
Day seven (12/4/12) – 1407 (first part of Chapter 6)
Day eight (12/5/12) – 1027 (second part of chapter 6)
Week One (11/28/12 – 12/5/12) = 20,380

Day nine (12/6/12) – 2180 (First part of Chapter 7)
Day ten (12/7/12) – 0
Day eleven (12/8/12) – 1936 (second part of chapter 7)
Day twelve (12/9/12) –  2866 (Chapter 8)
Day thirteen (12/10/12) – 2188 (first part of chapter 9)
Day fourteen (12/11/12) – 1201 (last part of chapter 9)
         2565 (Chapter 10)
         2723 (Chapter 11)
Day Fifteen (12/12/12) – 642 (Chapter 12, appropriately enough)
Week Two (12/6/12 – 12/12/12) = 36,681

Day Sixteen (12/13/12) – 1690 (end of chapter 12)
         3197 (Chapter 13)
         2617 (chapter 14)
Day Seventeen (12/14/12) – 2088 (chapter 15)
Day Eighteen (12/15/12) – 3618 (Chapter 16)
Day Nineteen (12/16/12) – 2947 (Chapter 17)
Day Twenty (12/17/12) – 2036 (Chapter 18)
Day Twenty One (12/18/12) – 2958 (Chapter 19)
Day Twenty Two (12/19/12) – 3193 (chapter 20)
         3159 (chapter 21)
Week Three (12/13/12 – 12/19/12) = 64,184

Day Twenty Three (12/20/12) – 3468 (Chapter 22)
Day Twenty Four (12/21/12) – 0 words (my hands were hurting)
Day Twenty Five (12/22/12) – 1750 (chapter 23 beginning) (hit a wall)
Day Twenty-six (12/23/12) – 1362 (Chapter 23 end)
         726 (beginning of chapter 24)
Day Twenty-Seven (12/24/12) – 362 (Chap 24)
Day Twenty Eight (12/25/12) – 708 words (chap 24)
Day Twenty-Nine (12/26/12) – 1421 (end of chap 24)
Day Thirty (12/27/12) – 2131 (Chapter 25)
         3067 (Chapter 26)
Week Four (12/20/12 – 12/27/12) = 79,179

Day Thirty-One (12/28/12) – 3200 (chapter 27)
– 3074 (chapter 28)
Day Thirty-Two (12/29/12) – 2299 (Chapter 29)
-1833 (Chapter 30)
– 2441 (Chapter 31)
Day Thirty-Three (12/30/12) – 1295 (epilogue) Done
Week Five (12/28/12 – 1/3/13) = 93,321 words (pre edits)

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