A Letter to Cassandra Clare – A Fan Intervention
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  • December 6, 2012

Dear Cassandra Clare,

I love you and every thing that you do. But please, for the love of all fandom, stop writing books set in The Mortal Instruments world.

We fans appreciate the commitment. Hell, we even appreciate the tenacity. But please, call it quits after The Dark Artifices Books. Please!

Here’s the thing – fandom only survives when new things are introduced to nourish the reader’s attention, when the series is made better by expanding it. The Infernal Devices is a great case in point. Clockwork Angel took the core idea and twisted it in such a way that readers did not care if it was the same idea, that the characters were the same characters, or that the end result may end up being the same as The Mortal Instruments. We didn’t care because it was at least different in tone and feel of the worlds. You world built, you took us to another time, and you developed new things. Therein lies the magic to your work; the strength of your creativity – World Building.

So please, for the fans… for me… build us another world, create us another chaos, weave us a new mythology… just please set it outside of The Mortal Instruments world. Please!

I have been a fan for many years. I picked you out of the incoming sort bin of books at work when City of Bones was shiny and new. I wrote a post defending the casting choice for Jace days after the announcement, as well as read every book you have constructed to date… and I have found something to love about them all (even if it came after the fact, see my Clockwork Angel and Clockwork Prince reviews for enlightenment)… even City of Lost Souls (which may have been when this post started to develop). However, when the announcement was made by Simon and Schuster a few months back that the Shadowhunter world would continue in a new trilogy set in LA (five years after the culmination of the events of City of Heavenly Fire)… well, I barely cared, to be frank. And this is coming from a woman who handsold hundreds of copies of City of Bones during the first Twilight film with a card that said “This book is better than Twilight. You heard me.”

It’s not that I don’t love and respect, far from it. I just don’t want the kind of stale interest that comes with long running series. “Oh there’s a new Cassandra Clare TMI book coming out. Yay, I’ll get it and it will sit on my shelf for six months until I have nothing else to read.” I don’t want to ever have that relationship with you. I want to beg my publisher rep for your book the second the press release gets announced. I want to jump up and down when the ARC shows up months before the advance and forsake all other books for yours. I want to read it in one night and curse the time until I have another one in my hands. I don’t want the apathy that comes with ritual. “Oh, a new Cassandra Clare TMI book… it must be March. Everyone do a shot.”

I don’t want to barely care when a new trilogy is announced. I want to bounce up and down like an overzealous puppy on adrenaline. I want to be excited. I want barely contained glee. I was more excited to see the blurb about the series you will be publishing with Scholastic co-written with Holly Black, The Magisterium (slated for 2014). It’s not that I won’t read Lady Midnight when it comes out in 2015, it’s just that at the moment I am apathetic. And when it was announced I was apathetic. I was already considering writing you this post at that time… and then the trilogy was announced.


I never want to feel that way about your books. Please don’t bring our long running relationship to that standstill. Please! Your first trilogy containing City of Bones, City of Ashes, and City of Glass was perfect. PERFECT.

I want a new perfection.

I want a new world.

I love your writing. I love your characters, plot twists, and pacing. I love your humour and I love your wit. I love so many things about your writing. I don’t want to not love anything that you write because the freshness has worn off. By 2017 you will have written twelve books (and however many manga adaptations and short stories) set in the same world with the same core idea… over a period of ten years time… and though I love an excuse to write a sentence in a future past tense scenario… ENOUGH! As a fan I am begging you to stop, to switch things up. Write something new for the fans. Return to the world in ten years (if you must) but please… write something new.

I am begging you.

… We are ALL begging you…



For the love of all that is holy… please… just stop.

With all due love and respect,
Your Ardent Fan
– Bibliopunkk Extraordinaire “Krys”

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The Lovely Getaway

2013-01-11 18:15:43 Reply

I’ve only read TMI series and book one of Infernal Devices, but I can definitely see where you’re coming from…. Seems to me like this is turning more into a profit rather than for the love of writing :