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  • September 26, 2012
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Catherine is the second Bronte retelling by April Lindner for teens. This book is a contemporary reimagining of Emily Bronte’s masterpiece Wuthering Heights. After reading Jane this week I was excited to see what she would do with Wuthering Heights, which is my preferred book of the two. I was not disappointed one bit.

Chelsea is the 17 year old daughter of Catherine, the heroine of Lindner and Bronte. Chelsea always thought her mother died when she was three years old. When she unearths a letter from Catherine that implies she is still alive she follows a trail to New York City and the infamous music club the Underground. The Underground was opened by Chelsea’s grandfather but is now owned by Hence, an intense and moody ex-guitarist. Hence was also Catherine’s first love, which Chelsea has a hard time believing. How could anyone have fallen in love with a man so callous and hard, especially her mother?
Why would Catherine have left her life, and her only daughter, for Hence?
Lindner reinvents a mystery surrounding the characters in this book, and she does it beautifully. Many of the odd unanswered questions from the original are tackled here, and overcome. As with Jane Lindner cuts to the heart of the original books, pulling out the themes and character dynamics that make up the foundation… and then twisting them. Catherine is just as high spirited and privileged as her predecessor and Hence… sigh… Hence personifies the moody, creative bad boy. Flawlessly. And he’s the perfect parallel to Heathcliff, his character’s origin. 
Everything about this book if pitch perfect. I love that Lindner focuses on the first part of Wuthering Heights, while interspersing bits from the second half. The best part of the romance is out in full force and I found myself smiling for most of it. As with Jane I almost forgot I was reading a retelling. And I love Lindner for being able to transport me in such a way. Her writing, the redevelopment, the care with which she handles this treatment is impeccable. At this point I am hooked. Lindner could rewrite every book in the Bronte canon and I would read them. Every single one.

What I want from her – The Tenant of Wildfell Hall. Please, Lindner… write this book… just for me.

5 out of 5 stars. I absolutely loved it. 
– BP
P.S. It’s impossible for me to thing of Wuthering Heights without evoking Kate Bush. So I evoke, because I can.



2012-09-26 16:20:12 Reply

amazing review….just added this book on my tbr list

and i see you are reading New Girl right now….i absolutely loved..hope you like it as well.

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