International Giveaway – The Inferior and The Deserter
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  • September 10, 2012
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In 2008 a book came onto my radar – a YA science fiction title from Irish author Peadar Ó Guilín called The Inferior. I read it and was blown away. The Inferior became my favourite book that year.
Like any good fangirl I promptly contacted the author to gush about the book, as only a bookseller can do. Peadar and I began a correspondence via email that still exists to this day. Several months ago he contacted me and the promo coordinator at the bookstore – Peadar was coming to the states, and he wanted to do an event.
These are some of the photos from said event.
Eat or be Eaten.
Peadar speaking early at the event. We had about 15 more people trickle up. Peadar was very entertaining and had the crowd laughing all night.
Peadar, signing books.
Whitney (promo coordinator extraordinaire), Peadar, and myself… trying to keep ourselves together after multiple inappropriate jokes. From him.
We had a blast. It was lovely to meet him after four years of random contact. It was the best outing I have had with an author yet.
Peadar’s books, for those who are unaware, are fabulous. Seeing him only underscored this. His discussion wavered from one end of the Science Fiction/Fantasy genre to the other. He had the audience completely captivated. Seeing how is brain works in action only makes me enjoy his work that much more. Peadar is a natural problem solver. His books reflect a lot of creative, personal reflection – What if this happened? How would they react? What if that happened, what should they do?
Peadar’s books define imagination. That said, you should read them. Nay, you must read them.
To commemorate this occasion, I have goodies for you folks to give away – Awesome, signed goodies. For you.
Up for grabs are copies of both of Peadar’s books – a final paperback copy of The Inferior, and an advanced reader’s copy of the sequel, The Deserter.
And did I mention that they are both signed?
They’re signed!!!
So, we’re going to do this in typical Bibliopunkk fashion… I’m thinking of a number between 1 and 2000 and you need to guess it correctly to get the books. If you’d like to enter leave your guess in the comments below with an email address. The email is so I can contact the winner. However, I am opening this up for multiple guesses. Your first guess is free. Your second, third, and seventy-fifth guess will have to be earned. To earn another guess simply spread the word about this giveaway. For every tweet, facebook status update, blog post, pinterest, tumblr, etc. etc. that you post you get another guess. If you post 100 times on different social media sites you get another 100 guesses. All I ask is that when you come back to guess you copy/paste the link where you posted before. I must be able to see the post for the guess to be valid.
I will end this contest on September 20, 2012. This contest is International.
So post and post and repost. And, while you are at it, keep watching Bibliopunkk for more giveaways. I have a stack of books I will be giving away over the next several weeks. And you want some of them. Yes, yes you do. Trust me.
You can also find me on Twitter, Facebook, and Goodreads. Please do!
You can find Peadar here. He has many short stories online.
And… go!
– BP  



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Maya Floria Yasmin

2012-09-19 01:47:33 Reply


2012-09-19 19:00:02 Reply

I hope i’ll win!


Martina Koleva

2012-09-20 19:54:59 Reply

Here are my last entries, please don’t count them if I’m too late (it’s still 20th here that’s why I’m entering) Thanks for the great giveaway and for making it international!

Guess: 448

Guess: 1891

Guess: 353

Guess: 84


2012-09-20 19:57:04 Reply

My guess is 10 – thanks!

Clarissa (Bookadicea)

2012-09-25 07:11:40 Reply

My guess would be 1524!! 🙂

Thanks for this giveaway!