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  • August 16, 2012
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The Evolution of Mara Dyer is the second book by Michelle Hodkin. It picks up right after the events at the end of book one, The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer. I was glad I had the second one on hand to go right in to afterwards.

* Spoilers for those who haven’t read book one *

Mara wakes up in a psychiatric unit. Her father has been shot and she has gone to the police and told them what she did to his attacker. As a result of her admission, her mental history, and a meltdown, Mara has been committed. Mara’s delusions and hallucinations are textbook psychotic. However, Mara knows what she is seeing is the truth. As time wears on, and the visions compound, Mara wonders if she will be able to convince anyone of her reality.

I think if I would have waited a year for this book that I might have stuttered partially through it. The formula is very different from the first book and it might have thrown me off. That said, I read it at a break neck pace in two days (and it’s over 500 pages). What I loved about the first book is here in spades, and for that I am so grateful. What I didn’t like is still here, but there’s a twist to it. When I finished Mara one I lamented that the romance was too heavy handed. This is present in this book, believe it or not considering the context of Mara’s surroundings. That said, Hodkin figures out a way to turn up the sexual tension in a way I found to be unbelievable. When I read the reason behind her and Noah’s tension I just washed it. I couldn’t suspend disbelief, so it made the romantic scenes between them bittersweet.

That said, wow… what a ride. Wow.

What I like about these books better than anything are the characters. Mara has a very unique voice that sets her and Noah apart. Since reading the first book I read a meeting scene from Noah’s POV found here . I really like reading Noah’s voice… really, really like it. There is a point in this book where we get to hear Noah’s voice and, let’s just say, it was my favourite part in the book. Hodkin could write an entire book from his point of view and I would be happy with that. There’s just something elegant and cathartic about hearing this story from his end.

4.5 out of 5 stars, for the disbelief. The ending almost made up for it. Wow.

– BP

* The Evolution of Mara Dyer releases October 23, 2012.



2012-09-06 16:57:59 Reply

Wow! Now, I just can’t wait to read this book!!!
I loved Noah so much and this book looks more than awesome!!!
Thank you!