The Perfect Recovery Present
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  • July 20, 2012
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… Simon and Schuster Winter 2012/13 ARCs… delivered to my door…
– BP


sarabara081 @ Forever 17 Books

2012-07-20 14:58:03 Reply

The Program and The Essence! Ooh, and I see Level 2!! Enjoy! 🙂


2012-07-23 02:43:44 Reply

Hmm I don’t recognize any of these. I guess I’ll be depending on your reviews to decide whether or not to read them.


    2012-07-23 12:43:03 Reply

    Chen – most of these are new first series or Intermediate level books. Some of them you probably won’t see again here.

Rebecca Herman

2012-07-30 07:22:26 Reply

Oooh Sever. If I were you I’d be very tempted to read it right now to find out the ending of the series. I’m curious how the author will manage to wrap it up in one book after reading book 2.