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  • July 3, 2012
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I have been waiting for this book for about 6 months too long. I adore Peeler’s books. They make me so very happy. Tempest’s Fury has been on my mind since January. Now I must lie in wait for another year for the final book. Le sigh. 

In book five Nicole Peeler sets us up for the final battle. Jane and co. have traveled to Britain where old enemies, the Red and the White, have resurfaced. Allying with the supernaturals on the other end of the pond Jane goes in pursuit of said baddies while simultaneously developing her powers as the chosen warrior of the labrys axe. In the midst of this Jane and Anyan’s relationship is stirring, although Jane’s libido is not happy with the state of the world. At the rate of the interruptions the end of the world could likely happen before Jane (and her libido) gets the nookie.

Nicole Peeler recently posted about why she wants to end the series with 6 books. Frankly, I couldn’t agree more with her. I think the series is smart and sharp, and because of that she should go out on a high note. I cannot tell you the amount of series I have read that go on and on much longer than they should. I prefer authors to be concise with their series rather than open ended (and long winded). It makes everything seem fresher. I can tell with this book that things are winding down, and I am pleased to see that. Jane has had a very natural character development over the course of these books. It’s been a priviledge to see her come into her own.

The Jane True series has been nothing but consistent -Consistently funny, consistently charming… consistently real. I have adored every word so far. With this, the penultimate book, I feel a rather numb sense of bliss while closing the final pages (on a tremendous cliffhanger as well!). The series is almost done, and it feels to be coming to a very natural ending. Would I like to see Peeler do an offshoot in this world? Perhaps; her bits in Europe made me think… hmmm, now there’s an idea worth exploring. Will I need more of Jane True after this series concludes? Likely not a full book, but there are always the possibilities of hilarious short stories, of course. Mostly, I look forward to seeing what Peeler does post-Jane True. And, of course, I am very much looking forward to the series conclusion. With bated breath and trembling appendages.

5 out of 5 stars.

– BP



2012-07-05 14:28:54 Reply

I just finished this book last week. I love this series too and will be impatiently awaiting the next book. Great review!