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  • July 31, 2012
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Last year Cinder was in my top ten books. I loved it, every moment of it. This week the sequel, Scarlet, showed up in the mail and I quickly turned to it. And, once again, I loved it. Every bit.

* Spoilers for those who have not read Cinder yet *

Scarlet Benoit is a young woman from a small town in France. She’s has lived there for years with her Grandmere, Michelle, on a vegetable farm. When her Grandmere goes missing Scarlet vows to find her no matter what. Her search brings her to Wolf, a young street fighter with a secret past. She suspects he has something to do with the dissapearance but allies with him anyways. When their information leads them to Cinder, the infamous cyborg ball-crasher, it’s anyone’s guess which side she’ll be on. Cinder is wanted by the Emperor, Kai, and the Lunar Queen, Levana, who will stop at nothing to retrieve her.

Marissa Meyer is a fabulously inventive world builder. The methods in which she weaves the traditional fairy tales into a science fiction dynamic are really fantastic. I absolutely adored what she did with this one. I was ambivalent to read a new character since I had loved Cinder so much, but I took to Scarlet immediately. She’s determined and smart and full of fire. Wolf won me over too. He’s crushworthy in only the way that YA characters can be. I pretty much fell for his animal like mannerisms from the word go. It’s a relief to see Cinder and Kai back as well. I’m glad that they were not completely out of the picture. It would have been a shame to see them go so soon.

I cannot wait for book three. Marissa Meyer, please write faster! Please!

5 out of 5 stars.

– BP

* Scarlet releases February 5th, 2013. Please do not ask to borrow my ARC.



2012-07-31 21:14:56 Reply

Wonderful review, definitely cannot wait to read this!


2012-08-01 03:58:58 Reply

wow, so glad you really liked this one! I’m seriously looking forward to it.


2012-08-09 00:52:43 Reply

So, I didn’t even read the review because I want to be surprised by everything, but I’m really glad to see that you loved it.

Can’t wait for it to come out!


2012-09-30 21:59:06 Reply

i neeeedd an arc or ebook of this!!!!!!!!