Review – From Dead to Worse
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  • July 23, 2012
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I think the Sookie Stackhouse books are going to be “the thing” until I finish them (I have 4 left). I’ve tried to read other books, but I still want to be in this world. I blame my personal life right now, which is rife with drama. Drama in my non-book life always begs for familiarity in my reading life… whether there is pathos there or not.

Oh the drama, oh the pathos.

*spoilers ahead for those who haven’t read the previous 7 books *

Hurricane Katrina has wreaked havoc on the community in Louisiana. Everyone is displaced from the devastation in some way or another. Sookie is worried for her were-tiger boyfriend, Quinn, who has gone missing since the events in the north. There is a war brewing in the were community and Sookie gets called upon to investigate the murders using her telepathy.

At this point it’s the characters keeping me going in the series. To be frank, it always has been the characters though, particularly Eric and Sookie’s “relationship” dynamic. Yes, world… I’ve fallen for Eric Northman too. This book gets into not only Sookie’s fairy back story but Eric’s period of amnesia (when he finally remembers what happened during that week in book 4). This makes their exchanges infinitely funnier as Eric peppers his statements to her with “my former lover, my dearest,” and so forth. It’s hard to take it seriously whenever Eric throws out “Do you need something, my former lover?”. However, that’s precisely what I need right now, simplistic chuckles and goofiness.

I do love these books. They are not perfect at all. However, they’re all really fun.

4 out of 5  stars.

– BP

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