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  • June 8, 2012
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I was saving a day to read the newest in Cassandra Clare’s Mortal Instruments series. I wanted it to be a day of nothing so I could just immerse myself in the book. Last week the chance finally afforded itself to me so I latched onto it with both hands and plowed through. However, I’m going to predicate this review by stating that this was my least favourite book in the series. It was a touch of a disappointment.

* Spoilers for anyone who has not read book 4 yet *

City of Lost Souls picks up immediately where City of Fallen Angels left off. Following the battle with Lilith Jace and Sebastian have both gone missing. The Clave suspects that Jace is dead but Clary will not accept it. She knows from the bottom of her heart that he survived and when her faith proves right Clary forsakes everything to find him. When she locates him she sees that he is different. He is no longer the man she has fallen in love with, but how much of him is now completely ruled by the dark side?

Much of the character dynamics in this book are tied into the quest to save Jace so I won’t go into them all. I think what disappointed me the most was that this was the first book in the series where I have not been a fan of him. We all know Jace, we all know how irresistibly cocksure he can be. Well, in this book I found the Jace-ness of Jace to be absent and I did not like it one bit. I applaud Clare for taking the risk with this tactic. It’s not every author that is willing to make their lead unlikeable. Rowling did it with Harry in book 5 and we all know how everyone feels about that book. For Clare to take this chance is brave, but I am not sure it paid off. I miss my Jace. A Lot.

I’m also vaguely annoyed about a plot that Clare threw in by which he and Clary cannot be with each other sexually. Why go there 5 books into a series? We don’t need a reintroduction of sexual tension considering the first three books… ok, if you must… but it’s beating a dead horse.
I’m ready for the next book but more importantly I am ready for Clare to do something new. I wouldn’t say that these last 2 books were a waste because there are some genuinely entertaining moments in the books. However, there was a big chunk of dull in this book and I can’t overlook that. I really want Clare to make something new and not just revisit this world. And I NEVER thought I would say that.
After all that, 4 out of 5 stars.
– BP
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The Lovely Getaway

2012-06-22 02:34:04 Reply

I kinda called it quits after City of Fallen Angels (although I LOVE THAT COVER<3)… these 2 are sitting on my bookshelf, but I’m not entirely excited to get to them….