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  • May 24, 2012
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Two years ago I read a book that really made me happy – Nevermore by Kelly Creagh. I enjoyed the world that Creagh constructed, the conflict and the characters. I waited… Book 2, entitled Enshadowed, was announced. I waited… Time went by and more people found this book. We waited…

Last week an ARC of the sequel was sent to my home by the fine folks at Simon and Schuster. I squealed aloud. And I might have danced a little. The wait was over.

I knew that immediately leaping into book two would be a terrible idea. It had been far too long since I read the first book. I had forgotten many of the details and I have had a lot of trouble with sequels for that exact reason lately. Nevermore lost little of its polish the second read through. The Dream World still confuses and irritates me but the rest of the book is so flawless I can still overlook that. For that reason I was hoping that Creagh didn’t ground book two entirely in the Dream World… and, thankfully, she did not!

Enshadowed picks up shortly after the climax of Nevermore. Things haven’t been the same for Isobel since she discovered the existence of the Dream World – or of the Nocs. Now, with Varen lost to them both she must pull out all of the stops to retrieve him. With Reynolds absent and Pinfeathers dogging her every move Isobel puts her hope in the hands of the mysterious Poe Toaster, a once a year phenomenon of mythic proportions. She suspects that Varen is connected to him and she wants to confront him in order to find her lost love.

This book had more flow than the first one. I attribute this to the fact that Creagh spent less time in the Dream World than book one. I am so grateful for this change in plot. I love the inclusion of the Nocs and the mythos surrounding them. However, it makes for a jarring read that is hard to follow if it’s not done precisely. In this book those transitions were much better. Besides that Creagh added a new plot element to this one that was simply epic. And I can’t tell you what it is without spoiling the whole damn book for you. And you would be mad at me if I did that.

As with book one there was a good chunk of buildup to the big dramatic moment in this book. Before that is Isobel adjusting to her new life without Varen. I found this to be very well done on Creagh’s part. Isobel is far more fleshed out in this one. She allowed her character to explore the stages of grief and hopelessness and fear. I even liked the fact that Isobel’s eating habits alter so severely because of her sorrow. It really helps to lend gravity to the situation at hand. You can really feel and see what is happening to her.

The ending of this book… wow… the ending. Can I have book 3 now please?

4.5 out of 5 stars. I hope book 3 does not take as long to release.

– BP

* Enshadowed releases August 28, 2012.

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