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  • May 30, 2012
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I think the third book in Simone Elkeles Perfect Chemistry series was my favourite of the three. Chain Reaction featured the youngest Fuentes brother, Luis, and his blossoming relationship with the jaded and embittered Nikki Cruz. Their pairing was the best of the three. Their romantic difficulties made the most sense.

Nikki was burned in love by Marco Delgado when she was 15. Pregnant and newly single she met Luis Fuentes at a wedding ceremony – his brother Alex’s. While he was immediately attracted to her she blew him off, regarding him as impetuous trash, and she made that well known. Shortly after she lost the baby and vowed to never trust a man again. Now, 2 years later, Nikki is a senior at Fairfield High… and Luis is a new student. Luis’s family has moved back to Chicago to be with Alex and Brittany, now pregnant with their second child. Luis has goals of becoming an astronaut with Nasa. He has no intentions of becoming involved with the Latino Blood, the gang who ran his older two brothers for a time. Luis is smart, and determined. Nikki is rich, and resolute in her distrust of men. When the two meet again (in Chemistry class) they remember their first meeting with mixed emotions as they become better friends.

This book makes the most sense of the three, barring a plot twist at the end that seems unnecessary. Despite the rushed ending Nikki and Luis’s relationship is rocky, and sweet, and full of ups and downs. I loved where they went and what they had to surmount in order to be together. I loved that Nikki did not just succumb to Luis’s charms when he began to pursue her. She has spirit and made me respect her. The two also go through so much emotional growth by the end of the book.

As far as the series goes I will say this – it was worth the read. I started reading the books for the Blood Magic Challenge, but I stayed for the Fuentes’. I won’t pretend that I am gaga for them, but I appreciate the duality in all of them. I would say that the series as a whole is a solid 4 out of 5 stars. This particular one also warrants a 4 out of 5.

– BP

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