The Best Laid Plans
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  • March 5, 2012
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So… I was just minding my own business the other day, sitting here, and suddenly this shows up.
… so naturally, I had to start reading it.
The problem is that this keeps happening to me. I have this giant pile (and this pile, and this pile, and THIS PILE) already waiting for me and suddenly I have an A-list, must-read book showing up… and, oh.. I have to read it. Like RIGHT NOW. Le sigh. Rinse, repeat. All I can do is shrug, lovingly stroke the pile, and keep reminding myself “the best laid plans of mice and men”.
My intent is there… I will finish these damn piles at some point. Dammit! I’ve stopped buying books (for the most part), I’ve created priority piles, I’ve included books that have been around FOREVER and are not getting read (classics, anyone), and, to top it off, I’m reading four books right now.
… Four… four books… at once… not just a book about Four (shout out for the Roth fans)… but four books. I never read more than one book at a time. Never. I find it distracting. However, this year I am trying something different to get it going. I’m reading one classic (10 pages/one chapter a day), one anthology (a story after each book I finish… and I’m already behind), and one whatever-else-I’m-in-the-mood-for book. I’ve also specifically requested ARCs from publishers that I will want to read more than anything else.  Right now, I’m reading two of those… however, one is clearly winning (Sorry second book. You’ll get your chance, I promise). I’m not sure that reading at this rate is helpful.
The problem is that once again I’d like to clear 150 books this year like I did in 2010. Last year I only did 138 and I felt like a failure. According the the year challenge feature on Goodreads I’m seven books behind already. I need to be reading 125 – 130 a day to clear that. When I check the stats on the numbers (because I can be a math nerd when I need to but only with averages) and I’m only reading 94 pages a day… which puts me seven books behind… wuh? How is that happening? I’m reading four damn books right now? How am I only reading that many pages? *confused*
I blame Three Musketeers. 600 pages of near useless penis-centric material, grumble grumble.
I don’t know how I am ever going to get ahead when I keep getting awesome must-read books showing up. I just feel super bad for the B-listers… and the C-listers… and the unknowns. There could be A-list material that I won’t get to for years and I won’t know it until I get to it… and I can’t get to it when books come piling in left and right. Sigh.
– cue panic attack –
This is the perfect example of a first world problem, I realize. And yes, I do hear the tiniest violin playing just for me. *poutpout*.
… and, of course, I’m not asking pubs to stop sending me books… do, do keep sending me books (please keep sending me books)… just realize I am trying my damndest. And my damndest is, apparently, only 94 pages a day so far. *hangs head in shame*
Ok, I’m off. I have four books waiting for me after all. And one of them, is Insurgent. Squee!
– BP



2012-03-05 15:13:52 Reply

Well if you’re getting too overwhelmed I know of a perfectly good blogger to send Insurgent to! =P


2012-03-05 15:19:58 Reply

Insurgent I got – no problems there… it’s everything else going haywire. *overwhelmed*


2012-03-05 15:29:27 Reply

I second that comment Bekka! haha. I hope you’re at least enjoying all the beautiful books you’re getting 🙂 God knows my books are currently sorted into boxes because I don’t yet have a book shelf to stack them on lol. My mom is going nuts cause they keep coming in the mail and it seems I’m not reading them fast enough for her 😛


2012-03-05 15:42:29 Reply

Ugh I know the feeling… I’ve recently tried reading 3 books at a time one of them an arc that I’ve been super excited about.I got way, way too distracted and ended up just sitting down with one at a time because I got to excited/overwhelmed/tired etc. I feel ya.


2012-03-05 15:45:34 Reply

I think it’s a bookseller/reviewer/blogger problem that no one else will truly understand. Normal people don’t feel bad about reading books and ignoring others… they just read what they want to read. In my case I want to read everything (or a good portion of everything) and will likely not ever get the chance.


2012-03-05 20:37:46 Reply

I have tried reading 2 books at a time. It is rough because my focus tends to be on the one and then I feel like I am neglecting the other… You have so many books to read, it must be a lot of pressure. Can’t wait for your Insurgent review though! 🙂


2012-03-06 00:48:46 Reply

Good luck. I know how you feel, I’m barely reading anything lately and I’m trying to force myself to take breaks in between books, all because of my stupid homework. I feel like I’m betraying my books. And then I feel guilty when I read for hours instead of doing homework. How can something as wonderful as books create so many problems in our lives? 🙁


2012-03-06 01:26:25 Reply

*stares at Insurgent*
*reads rest of post*
*eyes are kind of ignoring the words and skipping back to the ARC of Insurgent*


I want your job.

But I can totally understand your dilemma with TBR’s, even though mine is NO WHERE near as huge as yours, it’s still stressful when you’re trying to get ahead and more amazing books keep coming in. You LOVE seeing them arrive, but why are there not more hours in the day? =

Also: I AM SO EXCITED TO READ YOUR INSURGENT REVIEW! Sorry, I have a one-track mind.


2012-03-06 02:23:08 Reply

Brodie – Yes I do realize it’s in my house. Actually, it’s in my hand as we speak. Muhahaha. *tapsfingers*

Rebecca Herman

2012-03-07 05:09:59 Reply

How long is it? I still need to read book 1 but it looks quite a bit thicker than my copy of Divergent.


2012-03-07 14:26:51 Reply

ARC spans 525 pages.