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  • February 18, 2012
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The Hunt was a two day read for me… mostly because I had to stay up until the very end of it tonight to finish it. I don’t ever say this that often with books but this was one I simply could not put down. Wow, this book. Wow.

The Hunt takes place in a world completely overrun with Vampires. Though Fukuda never expressly calls them this that is what they are. The Human (Heper) population has been diminished due to excessive over indulgence. Gene is a Heper who is blending in with the normal “people”, as he puts it. He wears fake fangs and he takes great care with his personal appearance. He also cannot laugh, cannot sneeze, can’t smile or squint or yawn or blush. Gene has to undo every characteristic that makes him Human in order to preserve his life which is endangered with his every, breathing moment.

The Ruler of the world has announced a contest, the last contest of its kind – The Hunt. The Hunt last took place ten years previously when a group of Hepers were released and a select group of people hunted them down… and devoured them. Now, a decade later, their children have grown up… and that means another hunt. A lottery occurs and Gene finds himself chosen for an opportunity most people would die for. The problem is that for Gene this could only mean certain death. He knows he must find a way to get out of participating in the hunt but as time draws on it becomes obvious that Gene could end up being a target himself.

I was struck by the premise of The Hunt when I first heard about it months ago. I was even more stunned as I read and began to understand the language of this book. Andrew Fukuda has created an incredible marvel of a story. This novel is stunning. It’s a devastating and thrilling piece of work. I couldn’t put it down,  nor could I think of anything else while reading it. I simply couldn’t not read this book. It’s the perfect book to come out in the wake of all the sparkly vampire knock offs that have pervaded the YA market the last few years. For those of you who read my rant last Halloween about The Vampire Softie you will be happy to hear this next part… This group of Vampires in this book are actually scary. Beyond scary even…they’re terrifying! Bloody awful and spine creepy. I had moments where I became so overwhelmed with fear and tension that I had to put down the book, do a lap around my apartment, then return to pick up the book to see what happens. At one point I expected the book to grow fangs and start chomping at me.

Great characters, great story arc… great cliffhangers… wow… wow this book. I couldn’t be more amazed with this book.

5 out of 5 stars. Simply awesome. I can’t wait for the next one.

– BP

* The Hunt releases May 8, 2012.



2012-02-18 14:28:19 Reply

hey i enjoyed the way you write! i’m new to blogspot and i hope you can take the time to check me out, and my tumblr also, where i’ve reviewed more then like 1 book.. but i like your blog and thank you if you check out mine! x


2012-02-22 01:20:06 Reply

This book has been on my list to check out for a while (though it had a different cover so I didn’t recognize it right away). Glad you loved it so much!