Giant Pile of Awesome
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  • February 23, 2012
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* Insert theme music from 2001: A Space Odyssey here *
– Complete pile (not including the books I am not that excited about) –

– Left Pillar –
– Middle Pillar –

– Right Pillar –

By popular demand, and multiple email requests, may I present the current giant pile of awesome.

I think it’s safe to say the publishers have fallen in love with me… or, at the very least, want to make out with me for an extended period of time. Most of these are gifts from various pubs, advanced copies and final copies abound… Though there are a few in here which I bought and am very excited about.
Thank you publishers!!! Thank you, thank you… thank you.
*Note: This does not include a host of books that I AM excited about that have not been released (and purchased) as of yet. This is just a sample of what I have currently sitting in the flat.
These are just the YA ARCs. Adult ARCs are not pictured. What are you most excited for?
So yeah… If someone knows a way to stop time and still allow for fresh produce and groceries and funds, preferably when the beekeeper boyfriend is not out of state, please let me know. If you can create a bubble of unstopped space within the confines of my apartment (and I can still cook) I’d be eternally grateful.
… kill me now …
– BP



2012-02-23 20:25:17 Reply

Wow! That is a lot! lol

Zoey Talbon

2012-02-23 21:00:35 Reply

Lmao, good luck with all of those. I can definitely say I’m jealous of Team Human and For Darkness Shows the Stars 🙂


2012-02-23 21:15:24 Reply

What I am most excited for:

A Breath of Eyre


Shadow and Bone

Shadows Cast by Stars

For Darkness Shows the Stars


Tiger Lily


The Unnaturalists

Black Heart


2012-02-23 20:28:46 Reply

Those pillars look awesome!


2012-02-24 06:34:45 Reply



2012-02-25 17:50:10 Reply

WOW! Good on you and happy reading 🙂

Rebecca Herman

2012-02-27 05:35:39 Reply

wow your “most excited for” pile is a lot bigger than mine. I have a few of the books, I recently got For Darkness Shows the Stars and I’m really excited to read it.


2012-02-27 05:53:01 Reply

Well, put it this way, Rebecca… at the moment I currently have 500+ ARCs in my flat. The ones I pulled out are the books that are upcoming and that I might actually read…i.e. the “give a damn” pile. So yeah, it’s quite a lot.

Rebecca Herman

2012-03-01 03:32:23 Reply

Well, if you are having a hard time choosing, I am reading For Darkness Shows the Stars and it is REALLY good so far.