Review – When Beauty Tamed the Beast
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  • January 11, 2012
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tamed being the operative word here. I know… I know… I. Can’t. Stop. Reading. Fairy. Tale. Romances. I just can’t. Well, maybe I will now (for a few books, at least). I have one more of the Eloisa James books left… so we’ll see how long it takes for me to crack that one open. I don’t know what it is (other than recovering from a still broken writer’s brain) but I have been devouring these silly romances like… well, crack. Frankly. Not that I do crack but, you know… if I did I would equate it to these books. Le sigh.

For the record, this one was better than the Cinderella retelling. This one takes on the fairy tale of Beauty and the Beast. I don’t know if it’s because it’s that particular source material or if because James adds more conflict to this telling, but I enjoyed this one much better than the last. It seemed a little less… frivolous. That, or I am getting used to the formula and, as such, am far more willing to forgive imperfections.

Does that mean I have a career ahead of me as a Romance reviewer? Well, no… I’m veering back here towards Ya and Fantasy as we speak. However, this book was pretty entertaining. The premise, however, is still silly.

Linnet is a famed beauty whose reputation has grown notorious because of her fraternization with the Prince Augustus. In fact, her reputation has suffered the slings and arrows of outrageous gossip. All of London believes her to be pregnant with his child thanks to an ill fitting dress and her Mother’s prior reputation as a hussy. But Linnet’s Father has espied an opportunity for her – A crippled Earl in Wales who practices medicine must take a wife. He cannot actually father a child due to his ailment, so her Father broaches the idea to send Linnet to him as his future wife and Duchess… seeing as how they are seeking a pregnant woman for the position… although Linnet is not actually pregnant… and it is, of course, suggested and encouraged that she should get pregnant before setting one toe onto Welsh soil…

Like I said, the premise is silly. The characters, however, aren’t bad. I love Piers, the sullen and sharp tongued earl. Linnet is not bad, a bit haughty and obsessed by her own charms for my tastes. However, by virtue of a plot in this one (yay! A plot with my porn!) she actually becomes more tolerable by the end of the book. Maybe that’s a bit mean… more like in the middle of the book. I liked her dynamic against his, but I vastly preferred him on his own. He didn’t need any work, but she did. I also like James’s take on the B & t B myth.

And… low and behold… there’s actual sex in the middle of the book! Hooray! I didn’t have to go very far with the foreplay this time. Kudos!

I’m taking a small break from these. However, I firmly expect that I will be reading The Duke is Mine within the next few weeks… because I bought it, dammit… so now I will have to finish these books. While I’m still on the kick, at least. I’m curious to see how she handles The Princess and the Pea.

4 out of 5 stars.

– BP


Rachel Triska

2012-01-11 22:10:54 Reply

I’m surprised that you gave it such a high review! Then again, sometimes a book can be so silly an ridiculous that it is actually fun. Nice to give your brain a break for a change. isn’t it?! =-)


2012-01-12 02:40:34 Reply

Say crack again.

Sorry, couldn’t help myself!


2012-01-12 03:15:23 Reply

You beat me to it, Kristin. Repetitive jokes are always best in threes. 😉

Rachel… I actually liked this one a lot. I’m surprised too. It doesn’t mean I’m goign to run out to load up my shelves with romance novels. However, it does mean that I am not regretting buying the lot of these (like I was a little after reading the first one).