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  • January 24, 2012
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Loss is the third book in the Riders of the Apocalypse series by Jackie Morse Kessler. I enjoyed the first book immensely and, while the second book had its flaws it was also an interesting read. This book, however, had problems. In spades.
We follow Billy Ballard as he deals with bullying, Addison’s disease, and his Grandfather’s Alzheimers. At one point in the story he takes up the bow of Pestilence, a Rider of the Apocalypse. Pestilence has plagued him since he was a child and Billy crumbles when he is confronted with the nightmare reality of his destiny.

Frankly, this book is a mess. The first book, Hunger, is such a powerful and inspiring look of a young woman dealing with eating disorders (based on the author’s personal history which anorexia). The second book, Rage, falls apart a little, but nothing like this one. I never connected with the character or any of his many struggles, which seemed too numerous to tackle adequately in the span of this short book. The lengthy amount of time that he spends battling in “The White” is unnecessary. I disconnected at these scenes and never got back in touch with this story, and that’s a problem.

In Morse Kessler’s author note she talks about how the book came together after twenty two drafts. Wow. That’s a lot of work to make the story cohesive. I wish after all that effort that she had not produced this book. It just felt forced and that’s such a shame for this series. I hope the series ends on a higher note. I still plan on reading Breath after all is said and done. I have to know how Death (Kurt Cobain) is overturned.

2 out of 5 stars.
– BP


Kristi The Book Faery

2012-01-24 16:11:15 Reply

That’s to bad, I enjoyed the first two books. Like you, Hunger was by far the best with it’s emotional impact.

Pestilence would have to be far deeper with its meaning: to spread disease upon the world would take an extremely angry dysfunctional character-doesn’t seem like she nailed it quite right.

Thanks for the great review!