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  • January 19, 2012
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There are two sentences in Gayle Forman’s popular If I Stay that made me not finish it. They are as follows.

Page 123 Paperback Edition: “Maybe this retarded plan of your would work better if we could actually see what we’re doing.”

Page 133 Paperback Edition: “He’s Queer, though it may be hard to tell because he’s English.”

Both of these statements are insulting. I understand that these sentences may not mean anything at all to most readers, but to me they both carry an extreme amount of weight. They are aggressive and ugly and I will not support people who print them. I was utterly swept up by the beauty of this book and then both of these thoughts stopped me in my tracks. I did not appreciate the language choices and I cannot endorse an author who uses pejorative terminology this way.

To further illustrate my thoughts on this, please read this post.

All I can say is that it is a shame and a pity when authors sneak through pejorative phrasings and editors do not catch them. Such a shame.

This was the first of the Blood Magic challenge books. I will not be finishing it. It has been stricken.

– BP


Rachel Triska

2012-01-19 23:39:29 Reply

And rightly so.


2012-01-21 02:54:06 Reply

Wow that’s… wow. O_O