Holiday ARC giveaway
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  • December 6, 2011

… and no, I don’t mean ARCs about the Holiday. I mean a Holiday giveaway. As in presents. As in Gifts. As in Giftmas and Yulemas. As in me sending you books. Squee.

(Christ, I tried to upload those pictures in alpha order, and I got reverse. That’s what I get for being anal, I suppose.)

So, I’ve acquired a small ton of doubles recently, and I am passing them along to you readers. The rules are as follows: In the comments write whichever books you are interested in. Leave your email. I’m giving this contest until the week after Christmas, then I will fishbowl the results around New Years and announce winners… no number guessing this time… too many books.

Oh, also sorry folks outside of this side of the globe but CONTINENTAL US ONLY. I’m trying to avoid the costs of sending something to Sri Lanka. Again. As is I will be spending my own hard earned dollars to get these to you, so there. Again, too many books and too little money for me to send them. If you jump in, and I find you live elsewhere, you will not get the book.

Here’s the list of books:

1. The Fitzosbornes in Exile – Michelle Cooper. Releases April 2011.
2. The Dark Divine & The Lost Saint – Bree Despain. TLS releases this month.
3. The Flappers: Vixen – Jillian Larkin. Releases this month.
4. Rotters – Daniel Krauss. Releases April 2011.
5. Cryer’s Cross – Lisa McMann. Releases February 2011.
6. Dust City – Robert Paul Weston. Already released. Here’s a free one.

So, yeah… pass this on to anyone you think will be interested in any of these. If you are interested, comment away.


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