2012 Goalwar – The damn long post you’ve been waiting for
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  • December 29, 2011

– Neat picture I found on a disasterphobe conspiracy site via google images search –

Are we wicked to have no rest at all?

Well, I have been very, very absent for the last few weeks. For this I apologize. I blame the evils of working retail during a holiday season, but in reality that is not the big “thing” that has been causing my lapse in posting… and, in fact, in reading. More on that later. For now, let’s just label it as a mysterious “secret project” and move on.

I bet what you people really want to know is this… what do I intend on doing with myself in 2012. Well… reading mass amounts of awesome books, of course… but beyond that I’m not sure. This year I don’t have any real, specific, “I have to do this thing” kind of goal with my reading… especially not since 2011’s goal crashed and burned mid-year. Let’s just say I am jaded about making such goals.

To that end… I made up ten (11) mini goals. These were things I wrote up in a notebook about, oh, three months ago. Let us see if I can actually adhere to any of these this year. Huzzah! 😉

1. Read the Blood Magic Challenge books. (see bottom of post)

2. Read more Intermediate/Middle grade books – or those that are aged appropriate for 7 – 12 years old… or 2nd to 6th grade. Just ‘cuz I can.

3. Read more Adult books. Because I want to!

4. Read more Short Stories. I read two anthologies this year and they sort of ignited something in my brain. I’m hit or miss on anthologies and compilations. We’ll see if this year makes a win for them.

5. Reread Harry Potter and Hunger Games (pre-movie). We’ll see if this one sticks. January was supposed to be the demarcated time for the HP books… until I fell head first in love with “Secret Project”. Le sigh. It also says “reread Cassie Clare” but I am definitely nixing this one this year. I want to reread THE WHOLE DAMNED CANON OF HER BOOKS when the final few are out in the series. Which means next year that goal is likelier.

But I’m bringing it up because it’s on the “list”… and because I can. 😉

6. Read more Mercedes Lackey. We’ll see if I read any. I love her and I realized this year that I have more unread books of her than any other author… because I have more books of hers than any other author. Because she’s been autobuy for 20 years for me. And I LOVE Mercedes Lackey and haven’t read her for ages. So there.

7. Read at least one classic book. Again, this goal is lofty.

8. Read at least over 100 titles. This is a no-brainer for me most years, as my final count in 2010 was 153. Final count this year looks to be 138. 15 less, which is still respectable. It goes from reading one every 2.385 days to 2.644 days… so, in grim reality, I lost 3 hours per book of reading time this year… but again, I blame the secret project. I would have been very close without that falling into my lap otherwise. I would love to read over 150 books again, but that is being greedy. I don’t think I can read anything until the damned secret project is done.


10. There are a couple of features I want to introduce in the blog that are new and cool. Work on those. *StorytellingElements* *classics*

11. Late Add – Debuts. Read 2012 debuts. Really!

(…I suppose that if the Mayan calendar is right and the end of the world is extremely fucking nigh that I will not be finishing any of these goals… BECAUSE WE’RE ALL GOING TO DIE!!!

– Prairie Dog Rapture by, some artist whose name I can’t actually read –

I’ll be so sad if I see Prairie Dogs being sucked up into the sky… Less so than actual humans being sucked into the sky. That has some precedent of expectation at least. I don’t care if they largely inhabit desert zones and I am nowhere near one.. prairie dogs being sucked up into the heavens = Terrifying.  Please don’t be right, ancient suspect superstitious Mayan prediction. 2013 has lots of good books coming out I want to read. Pout.)

So yeah… sounds complicated right? It is when you consider that I have been getting books left and right from various publishers. It becomes one giant juggling act. I know what I WANT to reading but what I will ACTUALLY read is another thing. Last year the pubs amped up sending their ARCs and Manuscripts to me, so I was a bit of a magpie (oooh! shiny!!!). I suspect this year will be worse. I know what I will want to read next, but I’ll likely get distracted… especially considering the recent influx of manuscripts that comes through my mail to me. These are really unpredictable, and important. So they must get read immediately.

I just got several boxes of books from the fine folks at HarperCollins. I repeat folks…boxes. O _ O


I keep putting together “Monthly reading goals” lists to keep myself in line. They steadily keep getting ignored. I’m sorry little monthly goals. You’re a little bit of an “if only” at this point in my reading life. I need to open up our relationship at this point in time.

Also, kudos on the list you guys chose for me. Below are the titles I will be reading (ideally once a month) for the next year. Some of them are “yays”, some of them are “yeah, I expected that”. There are a couple of “huh. Really? weird” in the list… and one or two “…ok, if I must…”

Also, I tried to read Mara Dyer before but it did NOTHING for me and I veered at 50 pages. We’ll see if I get any further next time.

If I like any (or all) of these books… I’ll probably be reading all 29 books listed below. We’ll see.

2012 Blood Magic Challenge Books

13 Reasons Why – Jay Asher Votes – 8  (Jay has one other book)  (Read)
Girl in the Steel Corset – Kady Cross Votes – 8  (One short story and new book releasing May 22) (Read)
The Maze Runner – James Dashner Votes – 8  (2 sequels and a prequel releasing August)

Perfect Chemistry – Simone Elkeles Votes – 6  (2 sequels. Both out) (Read)
If I Stay – Gayle Forman Votes – 10  (One sequel. Out)  (Read)
Ruby Red – Kerstin Gier Votes – 6  (Sequel releasing October)
The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer – Michelle Hodkin Votes – 11  (sequel releasing 2012 – Second attempt)
The Name of the Star – Maureen Johnson Votes – 10  (Sequel releasing)
Legend – Marie Lu Votes – 7  (No sequel yet. Expect one late 2012)
Once a Witch – Carolyn MacCullough Votes – 6  (One sequel. Out) (Read)
Wake – Lisa McMann Votes – 8  (Two sequels. Both out)
Blood Red Road – Moira Young Votes – 7  (One sequel releasing 2012)

Ok, must put this arduously long post to bed. Have a good day all! Chat with me in the comments if you’re feeling talky.

– BP

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2011-12-29 17:44:55 Reply

Yeah, daunting isn’t it. 🙁


2011-12-30 17:31:14 Reply

You can do it!! Read Name of The star first!!


2012-01-05 14:16:00 Reply

Every time I do that, Rebecca, I am plagued with emails and requests that I loan out my books. I’ll think about it.

The Lovely Getaway

2012-01-05 21:49:56 Reply

WOW! that’s some list. Best of luck!… I’m with Rebecca, I really hope you post some pictures! I wanna see those books 😀