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  • November 14, 2011

The arrival of Unraveling by Elizabeth Norris took me quite by surprise. It’s another manuscript from the fine folks at Balzer + Bray at HarperCollins. There was a note inside that said it defined the word “unputdownable”. I really loathe that word, unputdownable. It’s so made up. However, I saw it as a challenge from the editor who sent it and quickly dove in.

It’s a very interesting book, though I wouldn’t use that profane word for it. Unfortunately it has two of my turn offs in it (which is hardly the author’s fault, but every reason I had to lay it down upon impact of said situations). Having both of these things in the same book made it very hard for me to continue.

That said, I finished the book. Because it’s a damned interesting story and unlike anything I have read before. And I think a lot of YA aficionados out there are going to gobble it up. It’s right up there for the fans of I am Number 4 and other thriller plot lines.

In Unraveling, Janelle is the mother figure at her home to her younger brother, Jared. Her father works tirelessly with the FBI and her mother is Bi-polar and should be institutionalized. One day before her Junior year she is hit by a truck and killed, only to be brought back to life by loner boy, Ben Michaels. This begins an investigation into Ben, Janelle herself, and a few murders that are popping up. When Janelle died it was only the surface of the pond. She now must sink through myriad layers of intrigue in order to find out what is going on.

What Norris has written is a genre bending, science fiction, conspiracy theory thriller in an age where everything is paranormal and trite. Her book is unique in that she utilizes a lot of elements together in a way that seems easy and natural. I did enjoy quite a lot of this book, despite my earlier gripe. I know it’s going to be the book that will find a permanent home on many reader’s bookshelves. It’s just not 100% my thing.

4 out of 5 stars. Good writing, and great characters.

– BP

* Unraveling releases April 24, 2012.

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Rachel @ Unforgettable Books

2012-02-29 02:52:17 Reply

Thanks for the well thought out review. can’t wait for this book! sounds like an exciting debut.