Giveaway Winners
  • Posted:
  • November 3, 2011
Hello all, I’ve been bad. I’ve had announcements overdue for contest winners… and I have no excuse. Well, I haven’t had the funds to send them, but that’s hardly your fault. So, we announce them now.

And the winners are:

Jay Asher Giveaway

– Renee Gschaid –

– fashionbeast –
– Minas –

Born Wicked Giveway
– boybetty –

Everneath Giveaway
– Leigh Ann –

Congrats to all of the winners. Stay tuned next week when I announce the Clockwork Prince giveaway winner. I will actually do this one on time too.

I will be emailing everyone here shortly. However, if the winners want to be proactive please send me your mailing info to Krys at

Thanks all!

– BP

– Follow the Reader –






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