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  • October 11, 2011

I was so thrilled to hear that Becca Fitzpatrick’s Hush, Hush series has been signed for a fourth book. I love these characters. I love this world quite a bit. After acquiring the third, and newly released, book in the series I all but devoured it at breakneck pace. I missed being with these characters so much.

After the events at the end of book two, Nora wakes up in a strange place with no memory of the past several months. She is returned home to her Mother, who thinks she was kidnapped the entire time. Nora tries to recall what happened but the memory loss is severe. Everyone thinks it is stress but the gap in her memory doesn’t match up with the amount of time she was missing. She begins to notice other things are amiss as well. Her friends are acting strange, her mother is dating someone new, and Nora can’t recall the most important person in her life and, worse yet, doesn’t even notice his absence.

Silence was what I wanted this week. I loved being back in this world. Frankly, Fitzpatrick could write five more books following these characters and I would be on board. I found the amnesia plot line very intriguing. However, once again Nora and Patch do not spend a lot of time together. It felt a tad repetitive of book two for me…Argh, the sexual tension in this book. I just want these characters together with NO drama between them and NO ONE trying to separate them. No such luck though, considering the INSANE PLOT TWIST at the end of this book…yeah. Not going to spoil, just going to fuss and whinge and bemoan the fact that these two characters spend far too much time apart and not enough time together. I fell in love with book one because of their banter and their chemistry. I want more of that. I love the twists and turns and bumps in the road, but I just want these two characters together. For good. Whimper.

I can’t really complain much. The book is pretty much perfect. It’s a high 4 out of 5 stars…like a 4.7. I’m just over the distance between the two. Fitzpatrick, you can write five more books after this, but if you find a way to keep these two apart that entire time we are going to be having words.

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2011-10-11 05:35:21 Reply

Unlike you I was pissed to hear there was going to be another book right before the release of this one. It was the Iron Fey all over again. When I’m told trilogy, I want a trilogy. I want a conclusion and like you, I want them to have some time together. What’s a romance if you’re never together. I read the interview on Amazon between her and Jenny Han. Whatever. I love Nora and Patch and thought Hush, Hush, was great. I haven’t read Silence. But let them fight crime together or something. Just like you said, we get tired of them being apart!

Glad you liked it so much though. Makes me less hesitant to start it. I think you have very discerning tastes.


2011-10-11 13:14:21 Reply

Thanks Heather. I hope that having discerning tastes is a good thing. 😉

I don’t mind a trilogy turning longer if it’s something that I love. I’m rather biased that way. Things end when they end or go on. In the case of The House of Night books that added, what was it, 7, 8 more mid plot arc… that’s just wrong. In the case of this series, well… all of those spoilers I can’t talk about absolutely enhanced the story and propelled the plot forward in a way I think will be more dynamic and necessary if you add another book.

My only problem was character wise, because I am tiring of YA books with endless sexual tension and no culmination between characters (god damn you, twilight, for setting this precedent). If we are only waiting on a fourth book to drag out the consummation…ARGH!!! But in this case I sincerely do not think so. Fitzpatrick threw in a lot of plot WHOA moments, and she has the staying power to carry them off beautifully I believe. So yeah, fourth book? Can’t wait!