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  • October 9, 2011

Last week I received a manuscript copy of Partials by Dan Wells with my name on it. I was exactly in the mood for this book when it showed up so I started reading it that same day. I finished it last night. Wow. Just wow.

In the future there are these mechanized human automatons called Partials that have started a war with the Humans. When the war began the Partials introduced a biological pathogen called the RM virus. This virus wiped out all but scant few of the population, those with a natural immunity survived. Today, it’s eleven years after the war and Humanity is struggling to pick up the pieces. To shore up numbers the Senate has instituted the Hope Act, a mandate that says every woman over the ages of eighteen must become pregnant. The trouble is that the babies are born and then they die. There hasn’t been a baby that survived the first few days of infancy in years.

Kira Walker is 16-years-old and works in the maternity wards. She has vowed to discover the cure for RM and the reason that the babies are not surviving. But her medical research takes her on many twists and turns and into the hands of the enemy itself, and time is running out. Will Kira be able to save humanity before the Senate intervenes?

This book takes a while to develop. That said, it sucks you in right away. There’s a lot of world building to wrap your head around, but the telling is gorgeous and the plot is intriguing. I had to get everything straight in my mind before I really was absorbed in this narrative. In Partials there are four major groups of people to keep straight – The Senate, the Partials, The Voice, and everyone else. Basically view these factions as the Good, the Bad, the Rebels, and the citizens and you’ll be okay. Then the ride truly begins.

This book is the ultimate literary experiment in technology vs. biology. It’s like a little science lesson with every new plot device. I found myself caring about things that never would have entertained me before – pathology is fascinating when told like this. The fact that it’s Young Adult seems strange because I think this may be a misnomer. It is very adult and has none of the pitfalls of the YA genre. What Wells has introduced in the YA Dystopian/Post-Apocalyptic market post-Hunger Games is exciting. And fresh. And new. And will blow you all away.

I feel like there will be more in this series and I am very curious to see where it goes. I’m sure this idea will only grow and solidify in my mind and take on a new shape in the future. I positively loved it. 5 out of 5.

– BP

*Partials releases February 28th, 2012.

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