Review – Fever
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  • October 25, 2011

I suspect that Lauren DeStefano is going to tire of Peggy Lee jokes in the next year or so. But, as of right now, I have no ability to look at this book without singing Fever. I pretty much ran around the whole last week torch singing my way though this book.

Let me just say this – I loved Wither. It was such a fantastic book. Fever, for the record, is a better book. Yep. I said it. I threw down the gauntlet.

So, once again, this is one of those books where talking about it is, more or less, dodging one spoiler after another. So, we mumble our way through this one and we try not to spoil it for all of you folks. Here goes.

Rhine and Gabriel have escaped the confines of the mansion she shared with Linden and her sister wives. They immediately land themselves in a worse situation – a carnival masquerading as *You Give Me Fever*. Rhine meets the proprietress of the carnival who takes her in as her newest *You Give Me Fever*. Administering *You Give Me Fever* Rhine *You Give Me Fever* and Gabriel. *You Give Me Fever*. Soon Rhine and Gabriel *You Give Me Fever* and *You Give Me Fever* must *You Give Me Fever* before *You Give Me Fever* or *You Give Me Fever*.

But *You Give Me Fever*.

And *You Give Me Fever*

*You Give Me Fever*

*You Give Me Fever*

So, that said this book is fantastic. I was astonished by how much I loved Wither. This book is, wow. Just wow. I can’t say enough good things about it. Unfortunately I can’t say a whole lot more than *You Give Me Fever* so I’ll end it there. Rest assured that it is a worthy successor. The ride that DeStefano launches you on from page one is cataclysmic. And spine wrenching. And ugly. And beautiful. It’s like reading a Terry Gilliam movie in novel form, harsh and gritty and weird, but you absolutely cannot look away. And, as with Wither, DeStefano’s writing is spectacular.

5 out of 5 stars. I loved it. Again.

– BP

* Fever releases February 21, 2012. Please do not ask to borrow my ARC.

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