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  • October 27, 2011

God, that cover’s pretty. Brodi Ashton’s young adult book, Everneath, is a different kind of Mythology story. Instead of focusing on a character this one targets a place – the Underworld or, in this case, the Everneath. This is the place where the Persephone and Orpheus myths run rampant. This is the place where Ashton has woven a new mythos.

Nikki Beckett has recently returned from the Everneath. She has been gone for a century, which in reality only translates to a few months of real time. Her absence has devastated her Father and brother and, worse than anything, her boyfriend Jack, who doesn’t know where she has been. Nikki has been part of the feed  where her energy has been utilized by the Everliving. The Everliving are Immortals who have figured out the secret to longevity – feeding off of bleak emotions.

Nikki wants to align the shattered pieces of her life but she only has six months to do so. The problem is that she is constantly being haunted by the reason that landed her in the Everneath – Cole. Cole has designs on Nikki and part of her knows that there is no way to escape him.

The mythos behind Ashton’s debut book is really cool. I quite fancied the idea she came up with to center this story on. It’s a really different, really fresh take on the “falling into hell” notion. I had a few minutes where I did not connect with some of the characters personally. However, the story carried me through. I really loved what Ashton did with creating this world. It reminds me slightly of The Matrix. However, it’s very YA. And I think it’s going to sell a lot of books. I really want to see where the second book goes.

4 out of 5 stars.

– BP

* Everneath releases January 24, 2012.

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