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  • October 14, 2011

So, I am striking my previous read (and review) of The Infernal Devices from the record. Henceforth, I am utterly in love with this series. Clockwork Prince, the upcoming book in the trilogy by Cassandra Clare, has converted my view. It is absolutely perfect. I loved it.

The London Shadowhunters have been issued a challenge by Benedict Lightwood, a Clave member who questions Charlotte’s authority at the Institute. The challenge – find Axel Mortmain in two weeks time. Failure to do this will result in a change of command;  everyone will be out on their heels, including Tessa. To this end, Lightwood presents the Institute with his two sons, Gideon and Gabriel, who will train Tessa and Sophie in the art of combat. This skews the personality dynamic quite a bit between the young Shadowhunters. And, of course, there are both Will and Jem to contend with.

Without giving too much away I will say this – This book is Jem’s book. Plain and simple. I’m not saying he wins Tessa’s heart over Will. I’m not saying he loses, I will not admit to either such thing. That being said, this book belongs to the fans of Clare who are stalwart Team Jem. Will, of course, is very Will in this book. He’s wonderful, he’s brazen, he’s inappropriate and outlandish, but he doesn’t compare to the enduring beauty of Jem’s character. For me. In the scheme of the love triangle in these books Jem has always been at the apex of the pyramid. Will fans, do not despair. There are plenty of drool worthy moments to be found to tide you over (remember, I never did say who wins). But this is Jem’s moment in the series to shine; Jem, who impacts within this book like a crescendo. Will, frankly, is an afterthought; an echo. Will has never been as strong to me as Jem though. I am in the minority on this, I realize, but allow me this one solid platform to stand on. Jem has my heart in these books and this is such a great path to walk on with this character. He’s phenomenal.

Jem gushing aside, the rest of this book has stolen my heart as well. It’s no secret that the previous book and I did not see eye to eye the first time through, but I blame myself entirely for this lapse in judgement. I was going through a bit of personal family drama not unlike what was happening in Clockwork Angel (albeit no automatons and magic factored into my personal picture). I was, to say the least, not as taken as I should have been. I stand corrected. This book makes me want to shut myself off from the world for a week to reread through it again and again, just to correct my original review. This book makes me love Cassandra Clare that much more for giving us Jem fans such a beautiful picture of him. Thank you, Clare, for doing this. Thank you for writing this particular book.

Clockwork Prince earns a well deserved 5 out of 5 stars. I loved every single minute of it.

– BP

*Clockwork Prince releases December 6th, 2011. Stay tuned for a special contest featuring this book.

* Check out my earlier thoughts on the Jace casting for the upcoming City of Bones movie.

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2011-10-15 16:23:38 Reply

It sounds amazing! I can’t wait to read it myself.. why is december still so far away?

Rachel Triska

2011-10-15 20:08:07 Reply

See I was the opposite of you. I LIKED the MI series. But I LOVED Clockwork Angel.
I’ve been Team Jem from the beginning, so I absolutely cannot WAIT for my chance to hold this book in my hot little hands!
Thanks for dishing without spoiling. Much obliged. =-)


2011-10-16 13:39:40 Reply

I don’t care about Will – though I still love him and all – but JEM is perfect. I’m so glad to hear his character shines in this book and consider me jealous that you got to read this early. I can’t wait to hold my Jem-covered copy of this book!


2011-10-16 17:22:34 Reply

I’m a Jem fan too, no worries. Thanks for the amazing review! I can’t wait to read the book 🙂 Wooo!