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That is all.

That is all.No really, I have to say something about this book without spoiling it for all of you. How to proceed with this? Any gushing I will do will lead to mass revelations. Hmmm…

Pandemonium is the much-anticipated sequel to Delirium, a 2011 New York Times bestseller by Lauren Oliver. Delirium was one of my favourite books last year, much to my surprise. Pandemonium has triumphed over my expectations. Wow, this book.

 *Spoilers if you have not read book one*

Pandemonium picks up right where Delirium ended, at the fence separating the Wilds from Portland. She is on one side of the fence while Alex, her love, is on the other. Alex has been shot and Lena has to leave him behind to save herself, running into the woods where she passes out. She wakes up she is with a group of people in a rough shelter…and that is where I am stopping, because everything else from this point on in the book is one massive spoiler and, believe me, you will want to be surprised.

The ride this book takes you on is thrilling, and heartbreaking, and wondrous. This book is absolutely stunning, as good as the first one. If not better. I blew through it in about thirty hours. I’m completely awed. And mad that I have to wait for the third book. There is a cliffhanger in this book that had me gasping. Also, I don’t remember cheering in the last twenty pages of a book. Ever…ever, ever. Wow.

5 out of 5 stars. Perfect. I can’t wait to talk with people about this book. It’s dazzling.

– BP

*Pandemonium releases March 6, 2012. Please do not ask to borrow my copy.

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2011-09-28 15:53:05 Reply

You read Pandemonium?! So jealous! Cannot wait to read what happens next after Delirium!

I appreciate you not wanting to spoil anything in your review 🙂


2011-09-28 16:51:02 Reply

I’m glad to hear that Pandemonium will live up to my adoration for the first book (and, well, Lauren Oliver’s work in general). Thanks for not spoiling things, but I’m DYING to find out what happens, lol. 😀

The Lovely Getaway

2011-09-28 18:28:53 Reply

haven’t read read the first one yet….. Just havent had time to go out and buy it. that will have to change soon!


2011-09-29 02:12:38 Reply

SUPER JEALOUS! This is high on my TBR list! I’m so glad that it’s amazeballs. Can’t wait! 😀

Mad Scientist

2011-09-30 20:34:57 Reply

Delirium was a perfectly wonderful book. I loved it as well. However, envy floods me. But I’m happy you were able to get a ARC of Pandemonium and love it!

Now I am even more eager to enjoy it.

Mad Scientist @ Steampunkery & Book Reviews


2011-10-09 16:20:13 Reply

Oooooo, so jealous right now. I am completely infected with the deliria and I need Alex to be alive. (I was hoping for a spoiler!!!)


2011-10-16 23:05:40 Reply

Nice review, thaanks!