Blood Magic Challenge Response #1
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  • September 2, 2011

As many of you know I have issued a challenge concerning the book Blood Magic by Tessa Gratton. To view this challenge in its entirety go here for information.What the Cat Read blog has taken up the challenge. You can view her thoughts HERE on her blog. However, I have a bit of her writing to share with you about Blood Magic. Without any further adieu, I give you What the Cat Read.


I guess I shall go first,since I recently just finished this novel. I enjoyed this novel, but as to whether it is the best YA book of the year, I honestly can’t say mostly because I’ve not read that many new YA’s this year. Let me get back to you on this after I’ve read a few more!

***Warning: If you haven’t read this book, do not continue beyond this point!***

As far as the book goes, I really enjoyed the twist that Gratton threw in concerning who Silla’s father was. I was also pleasantly surprised as to Josephine’s true identity. Even though I didn’t like Ms. Tripp, and let me say that I really didn’t like heroine bit, I never thought she was the bad guy. Gratton had me believing it was Lilith the entire way.

I also liked the discussion on blood magic throughout the story. Gratton did a beautiful job with her research and at no time did any of the material seem convoluted or made up. It makes me curious as to how she got started on the topic to begin with.

Of the things I didn’t like about the novel, two elements stand out the most. The first being the two scenes in which animal sacrifice occur. I’m sorry, and you may mock me all you wish, but I cannot handle scenes where animals get hurt in books! Yes, I cried with the kitten was killed and I hate to fight back nausea when Silla killed the rabbit. These scenes made it difficult for me to fully enjoy the story.

The other issue I had was that I felt the novel had two endings. There was the real ending, in which Silla and Nick defeat Josephine, but then there was also the scene right after Reese died, which would have been the perfect ending for a cliffhanger! As it was, I felt the true ending was a bit too easy. There wasn’t much by way of a fight at the end. It also felt a bit rushed as a result. Thus I think it would have been awesome if Gratton had ended the book shortly after Reese’s death because it would have been the perfect place to take up the sequel. Course, I just recently learned that the next book in the series is a stand alone novel, so there goes that idea.

Anyways, when all is said and done, I gave the book a four and a half star rating. There were enough elements to the novel to keep me reading and by the end of it, I was curious as to what would happen next for the characters.

As for book recommendations, again let me get back to you on this. I’m anxiously awaiting the release of Dearly Departed by Lia Habel and I’ve got a few other YA books on my TBR listfor the remaining year. We shall see if I have any to suggest once I’m done with them.

Actually I do have one, but you’ve probably already reviewed it. Paranormalcy by Kiersten White. I’ve not yet read it’s sequel, but I found the humor in the first book to be well worth the reading!


I have read Paranormalcy, actually, so it’s not going on the list. Thanks Cameron for your thoughts. What do you folks think? Has anyone else taken up the challenge yet?

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