Review – Eye of the Tempest
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  • August 3, 2011

Nicole Peeler books are always a treat, and Eye of the Tempest proves no exception to the rule. As per usual, I purchased it the day it came out, read it as fast as possible…which was slow for me this week (too much life going on). However, I will now proceed to whinge until the next book is out. What can I say? Peeler is always good.

In Eye of the Tempest, Jane True has discovered something interesting about her home town of Rockabill Maine. The town is the center of an ancient power that attracts all forms of the Supernatural, which surprises nobody who has been reading the series (but apparently is a huge reveal to Jane). In trying to locate the source of the power Jane and company must discover four keys hidden all over Rockabill…and the first one immediately renders two of the party useless (not dead just but useless…in all means of the word). Jane must persist with a new ally she only half trusts in order to find the power, and the chosen one, before the war begins.

I’m so happy with this series. I have a hard time finding anything wrong with it. The characters are all so much fun to pal around with for 300+ pages and the humour is spot on cheeky. This might have been the first book that I felt was a set up book in the series – a middle book, but I’m not mad at it. Transitional books are fine for what they are if they are done this well. This is definitely the book that sets you up for the next few in the series. It’s book 4. That makes sense. It’s time for a 4.

Fans of Anyan will not be disappointed in this book and I’m glad that Peeler is moving the two towards each other. Also, she had a line about Jane launching her vagina at him…which, if you recall from my review of Tempest’s Legacy, was something  really wanted to read.

My wish, for the record.

“In fact if Jane can figure out a way to launch herself vagina-first at Anyan I think that could potentially make my life.”

Peeler’s line, for the record.

“I didn’t want her to think that I was abandoning her – hos before bros and all that – but I did want to ascertain that she’d be well away before I launched my vagoo at Anyan’s face.”
Page 39 in Eye of the Tempest.

 Right. I’m claiming that line. It’s mine. Completely, even if it’s unintended for me.

4 out of 5 stars. Love these books!

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