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  • August 17, 2011


Reading The Caster Chronicles books are like taking a long drive in the country with an old friend, all sun dappled and breezy. I have adored these books from the second I cracked the cover of Beautiful Creatures a few years back. I was very happy to be back in that sun-kissed world.Dream Dark is a downloadable short story written by the madams who brought you this incredible world. It follows Link as he (spoiler for those who have not read books 1 and 2) comes to grips with his new-found Incubus status. Apparently battling demons is nothing when you have a mother as fierce as his, but the story is solid. And lovely, and short, and the perfect appe-teaser to draw me back into the world. I waited to read this until I was in the “just right” mood for it because…wait for it *insert2001:aspaceodysseythememusic* …. bragging rights…

… I haz a Manuscript copy of Beautiful Chaos. Spiral bound. And calling my name.

Yes…yes I do. *excitedhighpitchedgirlysqueal*

So, reading this is, of course, a precursor to BC. And frankly, following the misadventures of Linkubus (hysterical) lumber around shifting in his own skin is just the palette cleanser I needed to Grandfather me back into this series. Link’s story is silly, and sad, and most of all a riot. I laughed out loud several times and sighed with him in the tender bits. I really do love this character. I highly recommend that you read this story in accompaniment to the series. I’s technically considered book 2.5, so it’s perfect to read between Beautiful Darkness and Beautiful Chaos, which I have a MS of.

(This is my excited face.)Before anyone asks, and you will, there are no advanced copies of BC available. The only reason I have a super special one is because of this.


I wrote this blurb. Me. I take credit for nothing else about these books but this. The reason it says inside the paperback “an indiebound selection” is because I blurbed it to Indiebound 2 and a half years ago. Which makes me, sort of,  a proud, estranged, many-times-removed great Aunt, in a weird round about way. Maybe? Kind of? I can hear Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl rolling their eyes and sending minions as we speak to slap duct tape over my mouth. Hands? Mouth? whatever.

So, when I read and review this later this week, that’s why. I don’t want to talk for that whole review about this when I have talked for this whole review about this. Yay, a whole review about nothing! That’s what happens when we review short stories people. You either reveal the entire plot of the short story or you find something else to blather on about to fill space. oh! Bonus though, if you download Dream Dark you get to read the first few chapters in Beautiful Chaos. Or as I count it by my MS up through page 53.

*runs and hides under onslaught of rampant fan girls and boys telling me to shut up and stop rubbing it in*

5 out of 5 stars. Completely wonderful!

– BP

– Follow the Reader –


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The Lovely Getaway

2011-08-17 22:19:22 Reply

I read BC a while back and absolutely loved it <3 Haven’t had a chance to pick up BD 🙁 *lowers head in shame* but hopefully that will change soon. I will definitely be picking up Dream Dark after I read BD.

Like always, thanks for sharing & I hope you enjoy BC 🙂