Building Bookshelves/Reducing Piles
  • Posted:
  • August 14, 2011

– The Mythical, oft spoken of, Beekeeper Joe –

– Joe, being all precise and scientific –

(Pssst, the paintings in the background are by none other than yours truly.)

– Blank South Wall –

– Blank West Wall –

– Beginning of Brackets, South Wall –

– Brackets, West Wall –

– Start of shelves and brackets, South Wall –

– Shelves and brackets, West Wall –

– Yay, science pays off in that the shelves MEET UP!!! –

– Semi-end product… needs revisions –

– Immediate “to-be-read- pile added below –

– La Fin –

Yay! The 2011 great bookshelf debacle is at an end! And it doesn’t look too bad, if I do say so myself.

Considering that my house once looked like this cluttered shelves are a HUGE improvement. I can take my living room back! For the record, I had almost a year after the pile blog post was written to acquire more crap, to give you an inkling. MORE CRAP!!! ARGH!!!

Sigh. We’ll see how long this sense of bliss lasts. Bookshelves. Squee!

– BP

– Follow the Reader –

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2011-08-14 14:09:51 Reply

Wow @ o @ I want your shelves! Haha so many books such a huge pile! 😀


2011-08-15 01:33:55 Reply

Those are gorgeous! Yay for reducing piles 🙂