Review – Uncommon Criminals
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  • July 23, 2011

For some reason it’s taken me a few days too long to read Uncommon Criminals by Ally Carter. I blame sheer “not being in the mood to read” more than any one thing. Today I sat down and ripped through the end of it. Somewhere in the middle of it everything clicked, just like the perfect con.

Kat is still reeling from the high created from robbing the Henley Museum, so much so that she keeps finding jobs to keep it going. Her efforts lead her to  a beauty…A wondrous find for History – The Cleopatra Emerald. Missing for decades, and believed cursed, this extraordinary gem has recently come on to the market. The con; that Kat and co. must steal it out from under everyone’s noses and replace it with a fake…but is this job too big for the greatest thief in the world?

I like so much about this book, much of it is character stuff. I love how Carter does subtle things to show how the Henley job has changed Kat; how she has become addicted to the high of the chase;how she settles into the group like a family. I also loved the dynamics of her relation between Hale and how in one second everything changes. This book is bloody good.

I’m always up for a caper novel and Carter does these books brilliantly. I hope she does another one, though it very well can end with this one. I really want to see what she would pull out of her writer’s sleeve for a third one. That said, where in the world will Kat find herself next?

5 out of 5 stars.

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