In My Stack – Part 2
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  • July 29, 2011

So, I just popped into work the gather my check and I found myself a present from the fine folks at Harper Collins. Behold, a pile of awesome!*Insert Bragging Rights Here*

Yeah, I know you hate me. What can I say? The books I mentioned requesting specially yesterday… well, these are part of them. So, I am adding them to the PILE OF AWESOME from yesterday that is now my reading goal for the next few months, mathematically increasing the pile of awesome by that much more.

I know, you hate me, but frankly I’m used to that. What can I say, haters gonna hate.

Yes, that is a box of Crayola crayons back there. Yes, I am in my 30’s.

Before anyone asks how I always manage to get the newest best books before anyone else, let me just say this in the easiest, nicest way possible – I have worked my ass off for them for six+ years. That’s how. There’s a lot of behind the scenes unspoken workload that goes on in the book retail industry and I have been doing it for six years. I have paid my dues. I’m thrilled to get books early because it’s part of my reward for being in the business, and seeing this pile awaiting me is just proof of my hard work. I show them off because I am damn proud of my work, not because I am rubbing your noses in it. Let’s just leave it at that.

Anywho, I’m off. I have nothing planned for the next several hours but Bloodrose, a bottle of girly cracked nail polish (don’t judge), an iced caramel latte, a full fridge of food, and my cats in the AC, while it’s supposed to thunderstorm. Oh, and Roisin Murphy and Moloko for background. Squee! At some point I suppose the mythical boyfriend will be making his way home to intrude on my solace, but he comes with all sorts of nifty benefits, the mythical boyfriend does. (The nickname comes from DJ DeSmyter, who’s not convinced Mythical Joe exists.)

…I got a Harper Collins pile of awesome…

Now, here’s the Sophie’s Choice part of the equation – what do I start on first?


– BP

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