The Tessa Gratton Blood Magic Challenge
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  • June 27, 2011

Earlier this year I read Tessa Gratton’s Blood Magic on a lark. I wasn’t sure what I was in the mood for but in a few pages I was hooked. I read through it, loved it, and I couldn’t wait to put it into customer’s hands… most, of which, have come back to tell me how much they enjoyed the book. It’s a wonderful book and, for me, has become the best read of the yer, so much so that I am declaring it now. In June. Barring a few amazing titles (Anna Dressed in Blood, Divergent, A Touch Mortal) I have no other ardent love save this book. I think that Blood Magic is the best Young Adult book I read in 2011.To that end, I am issuing a challenge that will feed into MY next reading goalwar madness. I know this book won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, but it will do something for a lot of you. So, the challenge is simple for anyone who is interested to participate.

1. Acquire a copy of Blood Magic by Tessa Gratton.
2. Read Blood Magic. Digest.
3. Come back and tell me what you think about it, whether it is good, bad, this or that.
4. If you think any Young Adult title that you have read in 2011 is better than Blood Magic, for any reason, suggest it to me. Why stop at one? Suggest ten if you think they are better… just tell me why, with as FEW SPOILERS as possible, I (or anybody, for that matter) might want to read this book over Blood Magic.

Why suggest a book? Well, this leads to the method of my madness. In 2012 I intend to read 12 of the suggested titles that you all think are better than Blood Magic. That’s one a month. In December 2011 I will host a poll with any suggested titles that you can vote on to decide what I will read next year. The winning 12 books will be the top 12 titles that have received the most votes from all of you.

Of course, I have rules about what can be suggested, but they are minimal. Here goes

1. The replacement title suggested must be a Young Adult title… that’s anything in the book market (self-published and e-book format included) that is considered 12 – 18 yrs. suggested reading level. The suggested YA title does not necessarily have to be anything that is printed in 2011, just something you read in 2011 that is of the genre. (I read books all the time that are not necessarily out yet, or have been out for ages. What matters is that it’s a Young Adult genre title that YOU found compelling that you read this year.)

2. You can suggest any title from YA, but if it is something I have read before I will knock it out of the running. In December I will, however, leave a list of those knocked out of the running for this reason.

3. You have to tell me what exactly you did not like about Blood Magic and I reserve the right to quote you on the blog about it. I want a dialogue going on about this book. That’s a big part of why I am doing this. I want to talk about this book.

4. I reserve the right to evaluate the 12 books I read in 2012 as I would any other title – which means I will be as critical as I usually am… which means I reserve the right to tear the book a new one if I don’t like it. Also, my initial limit for a book is 75 pages if it is doing nothing for me… and I reserve the right to keep this limit and abandon ship if a book is driving me utterly bat shit. Life is too short to waste time reading bad books… no matter how much anyone else loves it.

…including me! Hence, the point of this challenge. This book won’t be for everyone, but it did A LOT for me. It’s dark, it has amazing characters, it’s fresh and it’s astoundingly written. So, for anyone who is interested you have six months to read Blood Magic. I will post periodic updates about this topic so that we will all know where we’re at and how many titles have been suggested.

Feel free to email me personally at if you really want to speak about this and do not wish for your anything to be left in a comment.

And, of course, this contest depends entirely on YOU readers. If no one reads or enters any suggestions at the end of the year then I will summarily scrap this whole notion and go back to reading whatever I want to. Remember, this is about sharing awesome books, and I want to share Blood Magic with as many people as I possible can for Tessa Gratton. It’s a thoroughly amazing book. And she should be very, very proud of it.

So, if you want to suggest thoroughly awesome books that aren’t necessarily Blood Magic, enter away. No hard feelings to any who do not, but lots of props to all who do. Also, feel free to come back and tell me what you love about this book as well…let’s not just stop at criticism. Praise is heartily welcomed.

And… go! Anyone interested?

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2011-08-11 17:21:31 Reply

I totally will! I have my Summer Reading I need to finish, but after that I’ll pick it up ^_^