Review – Total Eclipse
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  • June 29, 2011

…turn around….(That damn song has been in my head ever since the title to the final book in the Weather Warden series was announced. Sigh.)

All hell breaks loose in Total Eclipse (of the heart!) by Rachel Caine. Great, now I have Misfits stuck in my head. Gyah!

Strike that. Reverse it. Let’s start over, shall we? Non-musically, of course.

Joanne Baldwin and her Djinn lover David have been changed. They have been rendered human by a contaminate unleashed by mother nature that is destroying the Earth – and the Djinn at large. Amidst the dying brethren Joanne must figure out a way to square off against the Mother (and win) while being completely human… no powers, no nothing, while the proverbial shit gets effed up.

This book is… episodic, in a very good and very bad way. I’m very happy with the way the series ended, but, in truth, the epilogue saved it for me completely. It’s a very sad book in the series, but also very bi-polar. One minute we’re here, next this thing happens and we have to combat it here. Next this happens and someone dies (spoiler!) next this happens and someone is in the hospital. Now there’s a mob. Now there’s existentialism. *exhales* It’s very frenetic. And chaotic. And wholly reminds me of book five, Firestorm, which, to date, is my least favourite in the series.

It’s not quite what I wanted, but at the core it’s a very good ending and very true to the series. Caine has made this series be all over the world situation speaking and I don’t mean geographically. I’m metaphorically speaking. These characters go through, well, damn near everything. And in the most unexpected ways. This book proves no exception. It’s just as “Wait, huh?” as the previous eight books it’s just too chaotic to be perfect. Unfortunately.

I was prepared to give it a 3… and then I read the epilogue… the sweet, endearing epilogue… and it’s a 4. She introduced a few characters (at the end) and plot situations (at the end) that REALLY make me hope for a spin off (besides the Outcast Season books, which I have yet to read. Who knows, maybe it’s in there). But I can’t talk about that, because I’ll spoil it for everyone. So, you just have to trust me when you read it. There’s a few tidbits thrown in there to tease and intrigue and I really hope that (eventually) Caine goes somewhere with them.

4 out of 5 stars. Great series overall though. Prolly a 4.5 starred series. Thanks, Ms. Caine for writing this.

– BP

And, just because I’m an ass, the best take on Bonnie Tyler’s Total Eclipse of the Heart. Enjoy. 😀

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