Review – Storm Born
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  • May 5, 2011

I love Urban Fantasy. I am not, however, an ardent fan of the Romance genre, and there’s a fine line between both in Richelle Mead’s Storm Born. Ostensibly, it’s both. The in-between sex scenes are clearly UF. However, the sex scenes are lengthy… and descriptive… and moist.For the record I am not a prude. I like a bit of romantic narrative as much as the next girl. I do not enjoy reading pages and pages of descriptive words like… thrusting, juices, and the like. Don’t get me wrong. I like sex. I have sex. That is probably one of the reason I don’t enjoy reading pages and pages (and pages) of sexual dialogue. Because I have a sex life. I don’t need that fantasy part in my fantasy.

That explained, and rationalized. I enjoyed this book. Thrusting and all.

Storm born follows Eugenie Markham, aka Odile “Black Swan”. Eugenie bases herself in Tucson where she works as a Shaman, as a paranormal exterminator. She gets hired to cross into the Otherworld to retrieve a human teenager, Jasmine, who has been kidnapped by a Faerie King. During this job she discovers many interesting things about herself, the Storm King, and what her powers mean. It’s a great premise, but it weighs heavily on the dating aspects for me. Much of the book is spent in between plot points focusing on the important life threatening, world domination quandaries… “do I like him? should I like him instead?”

…Because, you know, when there is threat of end of the world style world conquest it’s important to know which boys arm to be on going into it….

Oh yeah, this is the problem I have with romantic books. The female characters always spend way too much interpersonal dialogue time debating. And rationalizing. And going back and forth. And over analyzing. I’m a girl, I already do this way too often in my personal life. I don’t need someone spending all of this time doing it for me.

The in-between sex scenes bits are interesting enough that I want to continue on. That, and the fact that I already own the second book. I do enjoy the characters, the world, the idea, all of it. I’m just meh on the romance taking up so much of the book. I hear book two, Thorn Queen, is better. Fine, one more book. I feel the only reason I got through this to begin with is because it is Richelle Mead and I love her. Unabashedly. If I didn’t I wouldn’t give it another chance. One more book to catch my attention and I’m not buying book three until I am sure. So mote it be.

4 out of 5 stars. And 4 is tenuous, at best.

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