Review – Iron Crowned
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  • May 10, 2011

I just finished reading Iron Crowned by Richelle Mead, the third book in the Dark Swan series. My thoughts? It’s nearly perfect. Almost, but not quite.

Eugenie is struggling with her duties as a Thorn Queen in the Otherworld, and her humanity as a Shaman in our world. Katrice, the ruler of the Rowan lands, has declared war on her and Dorian (of the Oak Lands) for the death of her son, Leith, and now there’s a ghost named Deanna bothering Eugenie to discover her murderer. The action really comes to a head when Dorian convinces Eugenie and Kiyo to go after a much fabled artifact that may end up tipping the scales war-wise – the Iron Crown.

This book is fantastic. I’m really glad I stuck with the series (despite all of my reservations initially). By this point the plot is just sick. In a good way. I did have one problem, however, with a plot point that I felt Mead slipped on… or possibly her editors. Eugenie has had a demon named Volusian by her side since the beginning of the series. She has made him do all sorts of menial tasks for her out of convenience; at one point ordering him to fetch a bottle of Tequila from her cupboard in our world to the Otherworld. Fine and good, he can fetch. Mead established this. Ok, in this book Eugenie gets wounded and needs to have her shoulder sewn up or risk further injury, infection, etc. etc. Kiyo can’t sew it up without a needle and thread. Volusian is right there the whole time and they end up binding the shoulder with rags. So, what have we learned from this? I guess Tequila is a much higher priority than, say, bleeding to death? Shiny. Awesome. Shoddy.

One can probably argue that at that particular point Kiyo and Eugenie were going through the trial in order to obtain the Iron Crown and could not use the demon but I don’t remember that ever being established within the text. Perhaps I overlooked it, but if it’s not there it definitely provides the reader for an eye rolling incredulous moment. Really? Really really? Demon can’t fetch medical supplies? Does anyone else this seems odd given the Tequila, or am I just nitpicking? It’s a detail. I know. I’m being picky. But still.

Nitpicking aside, the book is pretty awesome. I will be reading Shadow Heir. With a relish. 4 out of 5 stars.

– BP

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