Review – The Secret Prince
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  • April 27, 2011

So, after reading and nearly loving Knightley Academy by Violet Haberdasher I read the sequel The Secret Prince… and I did not love it as much. It was good, parts of it I absolutely reveled in. However, it’s not as great as the first book.

Henry and co. at Knightley are concerned about the Partisan school. When Henry was there months earlier he discovered a secret, illegal combat room. Worried that the Nordlandic students are planning a war the students at Knightley form a secret battle society to learn to defend themselves. Things come to a head when Francesca, the headmaster’s daughter, goes missing. Henry and Adam sneak of to the Nordlands to spy on them and all manner of hell breaks loose.

It’s a rather curious book. Actually, it feels like three books smashed into one. That’s part of the problem. Part one feels like book five in the Harry Potter series… a lot like book five. The second chunk is interesting but long. Terribly long. The whole thing could have probably been trimmed down a hundred pages and I would have been happier. I found myself growing bored and losing interests in spots. As much as I liked these characters I could have stood with less of them.

That said, I liked the twists and turns of this book. It definitely feels a lot more of a fleshed out drama than the first book. This one took all of the characters on a roller coaster. I will definitely read another one despite this book’s problems.

3.5 stars. Out of 5. I wanted to love it. I’m hoping the third book is better.

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